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Sonya & Paul & Marie

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I think this apartment realm is jinxed.No one lasts long in this place & there is always confusion about who is supposed to live there & who is who.
It goes back to Kiramy & May who were supposed to be lesbians but obviously weren't. That changed to May & Archie who lasted about ten minutes before they left.
And on and on to what we have today.It's a cam girl studio, nothing else.
So if VHtv is full of cam-girls wtf are we paying for?
An alternate viewpoint, a behind the scenes insight,the making of etc ?

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14 hours ago, Scorpio 22 said:

Some is good but most of the time just your typical cam girl tease BS. Clearly just getting used for that and occasional sex just to keep them happy.

ALL the voyeur sites make use of cam participants (girls, guys, couples and groups) probably due to so much competition and the need to be more aggressive to grab viewers/subscribers. Cammers put on immediate shows which might be good but this is exactly the type of thing that deters or takes away from the "real life" voyeur experience. I guess you can compare it to paying a prostitute for quick much-needed sex as opposed to wining and dining a girl for a period of time before she might even decide to give you a kiss or kiss off (oh wait, I am dating myself with this example since nowadays people have sex more often, freely and with anyone with a pulse). Does seem like most people earn extra money or count it as a working career by doing cam shows instead of doing any "real life" type of work

 When I see a cam girl with a pink thingy sticking out of her pussy it actually now has become a major turn off for me unless she has some good delicious meat on the bones. The intentional showing of nudity, masturbation or sex of any kind where the participants continue to position themselves in front of their own personal cam or voyeur site cam for optimum viewing is in my opinion "PORN". I assume the voyeur site owners figure that they need to cross the line or overlap the distinction between porn and voyeur in order for them to entice subscribers. To me, they lost my interest and why I just tour all the sites instead of having any favorites anywhere. We use to be able to count on RLC for the voyeur thrill. Now all the sites are mostly porn with a tiny bit of voyeur-type teases.

Sadly, a true voyeur site on the internet is a thing of the past and a true voyeur has to get back to being a "real life" voyeur at home, when visiting others or when in public by doing it discreetly or hide and peek or worse case by just using your imagination. By the way, whenever I see a female I have a visual picture in my mind of what she might look like naked and my imagination kicks into overdrive as to how horny she might be for sex and if she is good at sucking cock and if she swallows cum and what sexual positions she likes and what her orgasms might be like and does she like to cuddle after sex and even more perverted thoughts. After saying all this - maybe I should seek some help or get some counselling. No fucking way - I am what I am and love and appreciate women - mmmmmmmmmm.

Imagine bumping into a woman out in public and asking her to show you her tits or her naked ass or pussy AND she happily obliges and flashes the goodies for you. THAT would be an amazing gift to a real voyeur and, yes, okay a pervert too. Society and the "METOOMOVEMENT" won't allow this to happen now because some assholes ruined it for us and me - damn. 

         Sorry, got off topic but I had to vent my frustrations about how difficult it has become to be a full time honest voyeur. If both my eyesight and imagination disappear then I would only be left with my cock in my hand but what good would that do - fuck all. Come on voyeur site owners - get back to providing the "real life" voyeur experience that many of us wish for and thoroughly enjoy so much.

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Cam girls overall get boring really quick, especially the ones that do the same routine over and over. All about money and has ruined the whole voyeur aspect of any sites nowadays. Would love to see how many would still be around if money/bonus were taken off the table, see how many are actually exhibitionists. Give them apartment and groceries and work for the rest. Wouldn't make a difference as most do nothing through the day anyway. 

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