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Nikki, Matt, Poppy

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How does the girl just sit there and watch the cam show? I would dive right in and eat her pussy and asshole for starters. Different girls from the above pick so this proves that I don't have a fucking clue who is who in mostly any apartment. Basically, I just look for a girl doing some kind of tease for me.

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Posted by @dougiestyle4u Tuesday 1145pm.

"She looks yummy. No nudity or sex but a nice sexy tease."

With due respect to my right honourable friend,he is not aware of the full facts of this case.
The plaintiff's, namely Nikki & Archi, he has scurrilously defamed are in fact, 'at it like rabbits' for a good portion of the day.
In their defence I hereby submit historic photographic evidence from the last few weeks.

Exhibit A

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Exhibit B

Exhibit C

I rest my case m'laud.

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On ‎7‎/‎9‎/‎2019 at 6:45 PM, dougiestyle4u said:

She looks yummy. No nudity or sex but a nice sexy tease.

As I said above - with Plank's pics above - she is yummy.

And I said above - I was referring to my voyeur side in saying that without nudity or sex this little hottie is quite the sexy tease for me. So with Plank's above pics they show how hot this girl is with added nudity and sex

    We are both correct in what we say, in my opinion.

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Seems like Archi favors missionary, too much for me. I wish he would let her ride him more so we can see that amazing body in action. Too much man-ass and I'm out. lol

I think the thick brown girl just comes over to use their bandwidth for camming and her friend is there for moral support. In any case, I like them all sizes as long as they still have a figure. "the more cushion, the better the pushin" as they say. 😛

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  • StnCld316 changed the title to Nikki & Archi, Alibaba

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