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Pamela & Joseph

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@dave0000 we are on the same page,or you are reading my thoughts,which could be interesting or disturbing in equal measure. 🤣

Ok I'm not sure which one is Pamela & which one is Joe,and I'm not sure it matters,or that I care.
The two girls are attractive & sexy and that is fine by me.
I might as well post some pics for you folks to enjoy which will also highlight my points and save you time in watching this apartment,this is how it is going to be.

I can do without these fake cam show scenarios,the one that Raul & Julia have been running for a while.
The 'Oh quick while he/she is out of the room 'game. Or the 'Oh well seeing as you are here now,you can have a go with my boy/girlfriend.'

I can also do without the stereotypical porn movie dialogue, 'oooh yeah baby...omg baby....etc'

Fake fucking. ^

I can also do without the mugging to the camera,the crap acting & the pretense that we might actually go along with this bullshit.

More fakery ^

The inevitable c-i-m.

Yeah you guessed it......again.

Show the audience the cum.

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And there you have it folks.

The worst of all of this sham is the fake fucking ,that is unforgivable, you've be caught & called out, we are experts at this stuff!
Not here 'baby'! This is VHtv, you can save this sort of bullshit for Chaturbate etc.
This will grow old very quickly, and for me it already has.


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11 hours ago, Johnny said:

One of the most lame and pathetic performances I have ever seen. Unbelievable what some people watch and even tip for. Makes the Barcelona girls and MSD look real lol 

I blame it on all the porn with themed scenarios. You know like "I fucked my step sister" or  "My step dad gave it to me good" lol, You know what I talking about? There is a ton of it out there. There is another retired VHTV cam girl on CB that is always doing: "Shhh I'm at work and my boss is right behind me" kind of thing. You can't really blame them (Even if it is a little retarded) there is a shit load of people on CB and it seems like it would be tough to stand out in the crowd.

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I'm not defending them here, but I just want to mention that they are broadcasting on Chaturbate when they do this. I don't think they are trying to actually fool anyone and I don't think it's for VHTV viewers benefit but people tipping them on Chaturbate. I can't tell what their saying so have no idea what  roleplaying their doing. It's not something I'm really interested in, I just like a peek at the 2 girls and then I'm off elsewhere as soon as something better is going on. It is part of their daily routine, so in a way it is reality, your just watching them doing a job, nothing more. 

link to their chaturbate account: 


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