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7 hours ago, Scorpio 22 said:

It could go many ways as we all know, especially when Masha is involved. If anything does happen between them you can guarantee it will play out for months.

Absolutely. This maybe the first time that a tenant has been brought in simply to help the viewing figures of another!

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Welcome Sophia,...to the house of the Twilight Zone.  After 24 hrs of your presents I am still not impressed yet about your arrival....Oh though since your arrival the apartment that you and your side kick Masha seems the both of you has started a habit already of doing a daily Under Maintenance sign up for a few hours a day now...."if there was anything to be fixed....I would say start with removing Masha and bring in someone fresh and more exciting for the viewers......or just shut the dam place down, 99 percent of the viewers has paid for a 24 hr watch on all the apartments not 4 hrs a day."  "UNDER MAINTENANCE MY ASS"8)

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