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Fiona & Shrek

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9 hours ago, Plank said:

Oh FFS! The Department of Names have really excelled themselves this time. 🤡

I think VHTV is making fun at the subscriber's sake but in the same breathe have trivialized their own site with these phony names. Where is the sense of realism with Shrek, Toto, Alibaba, Hitman, Adam & Eva, Candy Red & Jack White and so on. Now if they used the handle Jerkoff, Slut, Whore, Anal Anna, Sir Cumalot, Dirty Mary and Crazy Larry, Bi Joe, Miss Swallow, Mr Longshot or The GangBangers then it would be easier to follow the tenant of your choice(s). VHTV is just unprofessional like RLC. By the way RLC has a female tenant named Assol. Hopefully she does indeed have an asshole and a good one at that - lol.

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1 hour ago, Doyouthinkshesawus said:

The realms are just as big a joke as the names. Nothing more than a mockery and complete insult to the site.

Totally agree. They may say that it's light hearted, that they know we know they are pseudonyms, but it's a mockery, taking the piss out of those who will pay for anything, as long as regular nudity and sex is involved. What, as if there aren't enough 'Regular' names available? In fact, why the need to name anyone? An apartment number would suffice. But i guess it allows obsessives, sorry, 'fans' to feel that they know them.

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