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Jennifer & Bradley

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NO! Not them ! ffs!

After drinks with friends,Jennifer gets changed.

It's Stffy. I thought he was  'away on duty'?

Did you really think that Stiffy wouldn't be involved somewhere? Does the Pope wear a funny hat?

In fabulous Mole-Vision. You would have thought that Stiffy of all people would know the score by now?

All the way to Memphis.

Change ends.

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Nice start.

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Last nights threesome in two parts.


After a card game in the kitchen J & friend went to get changed.

Hi there !

The reveal.

Let the sexy dare app commence.

Trying not to look.

There was a pre-session shower before this,FFW>. J warms up B.

Into the bedroom.

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This is when B asked for the light to be switched off. 🤬




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