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So this is Fred & Casey.

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Friends arrived.

Drinks & Snacks.

Eventually they ended up in the bedroom.

Blonde lady gets stuck in.

Casey knows the cam angle is crap.

Guests moved.

Fred realises the cam view is crap.

And then got in the way. 🤬

Hi there !

And that was that.

Well hi there again!

Guests went home & Casey & Fred had a session in mole vision. The spade-work is done,I suspect we will see more of this foursome at some point.

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Great captures @Plank. Good start for them. They look like a normal average couple which is refreshing to see.  Always good to see the girls comfortable in front of the cams. The guys seem hesitant. Will have to follow this apartment to see what kind of fun they can bring to VHTV. The blonde catches my eye and she was "all in". Really hope Casey & Fred can invigorate VHTV and wish them a good stay with nice surprises for us voyeurs.

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There was a party tonight including the guest couple we saw above,although guest lady wasn't much involved. A couple of new guys,and a couple of ladies of a certain age.

The party turned into a sex fest that went on for around 6-8 hours! Sorry there was way too much for me to cap & a lot of it in the bedroom in glorious mole vision.

If you've got a subscription I've no doubt it will be in the Video's section soon.

Good start from this apartment, hope it continues.

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Spoke too soon. We've had a couple of visits from one of the Women of a certain age,another random blonde girl that Fred got into,eventually. And another dark haired girl that VHtv went to the trouble of promoting, and nothing happened.

Meanwhile Casey has vanished.

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