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Looks like she's warming up for the club scene.  She'll be a big hit in the POLE position and there are LOTS of clubs to hit, not to mention the islands where there are private exclusive clubs.  No one will pay attention to that dancing, but that booty will be all the bounce.  I don't see broadway in her future.  

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Zara has been around for a while now, "with her beauty I was hoping she would have brought out something special and sexy by now, "I did catch her very quick masturbation set earlier, and it really didn't seem that she was into it and it may have been a little bit fake..."to me."  I was also hoping that she and her room mate would have gotten together by now for a little bit of a lesbian show.  Come on Zara give us a real show lady!! LOL8)

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I've seen her many bates and I'm not at all impressed.  They all appear to be only for attention and capturing the spot, it you will, nothing to show.  I think its also in line with her dancing, not a fan.  Not sure what type of dancing she's doing, but it doesn't look like it's broadway type, more group floor show gymnastics, if you will.  I'm just not a fan.

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