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RLC daily moments #3

Dave 77

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19 hours ago, Dave 77 said:

All about waiting and seeing what is going to happen next. Trying to predict is a waste of time.  Fresh faces, new ideas and routines needed either way. 

Might get the occasional new girl, but nothing spectacular. The same routines many have seen over n over before. 

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Guess the mod fell asleep at the job again. We're left with kitchen and LR in B1, and none home lol
We can choose from watching the sun play on the cabinet next to the micro, or the dramatic change of the screensaver on the tv in LR lol
This gonna be an entertaining evening - I promise to share screendumps! 😁

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On 5/11/2022 at 8:16 PM, Dave 77 said:

The new villa finally arrived. 

Not what many guessed it would be occupied by. No surprise really. See how it plans out in due course. 


Looks like the only thing the "Specialists" got right is that a new villa was opening lol. And what a great choice of tenants. 🤣

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Nelly and Bogdan's are back on set once again "great idea??...hell no bad idea"..I think that both Nelly and Bogdan need to look up the word micromanage, because from the way I see their return is to not only going get to in the way of things but to also look over peoples shoulders all fucking day.  We can also expect more scripted bad porn especially from Nelly who may have gotten to old for the stage, more less Bogdan trying to look the part of a young stud with the mohawk look..."some people well never grow up or have grown up and don't realize they aren't that young any more.  Nelly is trying to be a Madam and Bogdan is trying to be a sly Hugh Hefner. LOL  I can give them credit for bring in another apartment, "but it should have been with out them" and new workers only.  Now what do we call this apartment..B what or by the end of the year B gone!! LOL8)

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