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Esenia has not taken a bath      shower in 48 hours - I don't blame her.  That crap shitter of a shower does not drain properly and all the dirty water backs up.  OMG, why would RLC put this shit hole on cam ?  This is not only insulting but should be considered abuse of two humans and one dog.  I'm just beside myself that they would do this shit.  And you look at these two adolescents, they have no fucking clue that they are in prison.  She is sitting with her lips poked out all freaking day and he's playing video games - they leave to walk the brown piece of hair, feed it from their plates, spoons and out of the ice cream container.  They are oblivious to the world outside of their lost cave.  This is how people become some dependent on a government for everything in life, they can't see past their own existence and everyone around them live the same way.  I have literally traveled the world and continue to be amazed at how far man will go to put people in places like this.

RLC for the decency of these two, even though they don't understand it, you should shut this place down.  This is in no way how to treat a human, regardless if its for entertainment or real life.  But I get it, what these two will be forced to go to will probably be 10X's worse.  It's obvious this is a ghetto and probably 20 story tall buildings with 1000's of little rooms like this, I've seen it and it's dispicable.

God, how sad.

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