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Alice & Sam

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 hello everyone, so frankly, you will have to tell me, we have to see what in this serious apartment. 24/24 on a telephone and under a duvet. the only time when, she gets out of her bed, is to go out, or act beautiful in front of the mirror, like a Picasso painting. 3 weeks, like that. Well, we're going to say it's been going on for 2 years

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the only one to date that we see, we see very well sam spit all over the apartment, again this week in front of the bed, and who and fall on the duvet. we see him jerk off often, ejaculate in front of the bed, in the kitchen, in front of the refrigerator, and next to the bed on the right side. every evening he is in front of the field of vision of the bedroom camera, so we see nothing, we only see his back, his back, something else, every time Alice moves her buttocks, that is to say when Alice my buttocks are on the right side, Sam turns her head to the right side. She turns to the left side, Sam turns her head to the left side. Not to mention a chair always in front too.

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