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Is this the rant section of the forums? Yes? Good, here we go then:

I am getting sick and tired of the girls of the B1 and B2 being accused of being prostitutes without any proof. I can't be on the chatbox for more than an hour before someone starts suggesting the girls are selling themselves for money or gifts. In most cases it's just an opinion that gets thrown out there, some chatters even have "proof", that later turns out to be some conversation that has been falsely or incompletely translated, or something that they saw on the cameras that gets misinterpreted or completely taken out of context.

I'm done with it. It takes the joy out of the chatroom for me. I tried poking holes in the theories, or suggesting alternative, more reasonable explanations, but it's like talking to a brick wall.

So from this moment forward, anyone who posts any more of those accusations on the chat, without proper proof to back it up, is going on my ignore list for a week. No matter who it is or for how long I've had pleasant chats with them, no exceptions. If that means I'll be staring at an (for me) empty chatbox within 24 hours, so be it.

I've had enough of this shit.

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Couldn't agree more. I hinted at this in a recent post but, being a relatively new member, didn't want to overstep the mark.

This is the reason that I don't enter the chatbox. Same people , same crap nearly every day.

There has been a very interesting conversation going on this evening about a  forthcoming uk based voyeur project between its creator and others in lieu of anything much happening on RCL, but I'm sure the usual suspects will be on later as they normally are talking their usual rubbish.


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One more thing I would like to vent about: The non-stop complaining. And yes, I do realize I'm now starting a complaint about too much complaining. ;)

I have the feeling a lot of RLC members are not getting what they want at the moment, but to me it's unclear what it is exactly that they want. The consensus seems to be we want Real Life. We see the girls watching a movie, texting, chatting with each other, go out during the day, go out at night, occasionally come home drunk in the middle of the night. All seems real life to me, my real life wasn't very different when I was in my twenties, with the only exception that the smartphone wasn't invented yet. But real life isn't very exciting, so the complaints start rolling in that the girls are out too much, don't do much when they're not out, are not performing for us. In short: they're not delivering what they're getting paid for. Debatable statement, since nobody has ever seen a RLC-tenant-contract, we have no clue what they're being paid for. Then all of a sudden some, or all, of the girls spring into action. They start dancing, host a party, do bodypainting, or even one of them starts eating another out, and a whole new set of complaints start rolling in, mostly from exactly the same users: It's all scripted, it's uninspired, it's fake, it's a show for the cameras. What the hell is it that these users want from the girls? Real life isn't good because it's too boring, more than real life isn't good either because it isn't real life... The girls can't win no matter what they do, and we are stuck with a chatbox in which half the posts consist of complaints and negative remarks by users who at times seem to be deliberately searching for things on the cameras to get pissed off about.

A lesson I learned a long time ago is not get worked up over things that are beyond my control. I'm the first to admit that regarding RLC that lesson slipped my mind a couple of times, evidence of that is in various posts across the forums, until it dawned upon me that the only thing I can control is whether I keep sending my money to RLC or not. I cancelled my subscription in October. That lasted a bit over a month until withdrawal symptoms kicked in, so I've been back since mid-November, with an adjusted expectation level. I know what I want from RLC now: I'm here just for the Barça-apartments: I want to see pretty girls in various stages of dress/undress, them getting along would be nice, anything more than that I consider a bonus, as well as whatever happens in any of the other apartments.

At the moment I am getting what I want: seven girls, all of them beautiful, all of them different (well two of them are not that different, but they are definitely not identical either). And when I log on to RLC for an hour or maybe two in the evening, I have a good chance of seeing at least half of them naked.

We're all different, we all have different preferences, expectations, and everybody is entitled to their opinion. Nobody is 100% right and nobody is 100% wrong here (except the fellow on chat last night that was convinced I'm an RLC-agent, infiltrating in RLCF to defend the tenants). But for me, the healthiest way to watch RLC is with above mindset. Low expectations, lean back and enjoy the show. 8)

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Chat is for reacting, and though there is a lot of moaning there is a lot of fun too.

It is true that being negative takes a lot less effort than thinking of positive things to say, most especially when things are dull, as they are at the moment.    So best to say little or nothing.

But Chat needs feeding 24 hours a day, and those stalwarts who regularly contribute benefit us all by keeping us (me anyway) abreast of what we have missed because I won't pay the extortionate extra for replay.

Aren't we lucky we have Forum too for the more complex and considered reactions.    And your is just such a complex message CowArt.    You point out there is a lot to admire and enjoy going on at the moment.

Perhaps the beauty the triplets bring, often nude, usually at home, is not as dramatic as dildo bating, but they are a joy to watch.



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I think the point here is that this is mainly a chat box problem and I am quite lucky in that I only view the chat box to keep up with events during the day much the same as iloner, and the idiots are noticeable by their absence at that time. Some of the regular contributors are real characters and some of their comments make me laugh out loud ( in a good way ), Scotsman84, Plank and Reallifecamfan51 to name but three.

In the early hours ( here ), however, there are a number of regulars in the chatbox that really do make me wonder if I am watching the same thing as them. They seem intent on making the most distorted comments possible. Is it because they don't  pay to see what is actually going on? I don't know. Add to that another whose quest in life seems to be to find the ultimate in stupid questions and I am afraid that when any of these individuals announces their arrival in the chat box, I'm gone. Its the only way to stay sane.

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On ‎07‎/‎04‎/‎2017 at 9:12 PM, Scotsman84 said:

The sooner some of you get used to getting Fucked over the better... I'm sure others are bored of the same complaining over and over.


21 minutes ago, Scotsman84 said:

Think we should get another chatbox for having a laugh and any serious shit you're out... Lol

Got no problem with you. It's just the one or two that have no idea what their talking about that do my head in.

Vortios and Philo are having a disagreement about the peeping tom issue as I write this which I suppose is a serious issue ( what a nerve, somebody spying on the girls, they should bloody pay to do it like the rest of us lol ), but its still entertaining seeing what they say. People airing their views is what the chat box and forums are all about especially if people can see the funny side at times when RLC is short on entertainment.

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Well........ I guess they finally caught onto the site I've been using .. lol..

This be all I get now when I try to load the site...


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Notice: Undefined offset: 2 in /storage/h1/854/533854/public_html/en/index.php on line 14

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Notice: Undefined offset: 3 in /storage/h1/854/533854/public_html/en/index.php on line 26

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What a suprise eh? I haven't been on this site or RLC for about a year now so thought i would see what has changed in the meantime.

To my absolute surprise absolutlely nothing lol, same old shit same old moans lol.

RLC did be a favour i think from banning me the second time so what have i missed in the past year eh? not a lot eh apart from a few extra apartments been

added which are probably just as useless as they always were.

And what have i gained in the past year well i suppose a load of money lol.

Keep the bitching coming guys i find it rather amusing and may pop in again from time to time to catch up on the moaning lol.

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