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Who's Playing Games B1 or B2

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Lately its seems that the girls in both B1 and B2 spend most of their time out side of the house, and sleeping most of the day, when they do give us viewers any type of energy is hurry up and go time.  Now I wonder who's playing games with the paying?  Out of 8 and sometimes 9 girls depending if one needs a place to stay for a night, only one is giving us 100% of her time and that's Sofie.  Seems that the other ladies or girls either don't care or just don't give a #@*! about the paying viewers.  Some of these girls I hoping leave sooner than others.  B1 and B2 has lately been a big let down, or just maybe RLC has made some new rules that we don't know about.  I thought that these two apartments B1 and B2 was RLC franchise girls, "more like club hoppers to me."  Its a good thing that we do have some other good apartments that we can view that has put B1 and B2 to shame!!  And think you Sofie making up for the lost 8, I know there somewhere out there, "I might just wait up until they get in at 6 am their time, early morning."8)

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8 hours ago, Robwin said:

I think most of us sussed out years ago that they are all playing games in those apartments.

When they ain't playing games its some put up and arranged charade just to keep the suckers happy.

So predictable and you know who the winners are and it sure ain't the subscribers. RLC is closed minded and simple minded in their repetitive ways. RLC management are not REAL LIFE voyeurs like us and their only voyeur experience is probably from looking through a peephole or keyhole.

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2 hours ago, Danny said:

Been getting played for years but just takes some longer than others to work that out. 

It took me a while to see through them because as a voyeur the thrill of catching some good action was worth the wait. As years go by and i am getting older i can't afford to waste my time for nothing so i make a quick round of the apartments and other voyeur sites and then to the reliable porn sites for my needs. Most of the RLC tenants don't even know the meaning of "tease". To me RLC is real lost cause since they choose to constantly play with the subscribers/viewers to the point of being so fucking obvious. Hey, when i look out the window and see a girl walking the street wearing tight blue jeans i get up quick and try to breathe in and savour the sweet scent of the distant pussy and ass. RLC doesn't pass the sniff test.

                      suspicious step brothers GIF

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41 minutes ago, Bandit said:

Been a piss take from day one and just gets more laughable - but whatever floats your boat. Just don't make out they are in love or are lesbians, because that's when you deserve to get mocked. :ph34r:

Hi Bandit,

I enjoy the games.    Seems to me girls don't have to be either in love or lesbian to enjoy a 'special friendship' with each other.   Lucky them.   We men are so dull.

I just wrote on the Sofie page:  "As we saw last week with Monica's tearful farewell, the actions the girls take may be pre-planned scripts some of the time, but the friendships they make and the emotions they show are real."

The new story (but it just might be real) with Aria promises to be captivating.    

And for those who don't enjoy the nuance of emotion and the interplay of what may and may not be real, Naomi and Aria have both got wonderful tits.    Watching it is win! win!




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