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Your Favourite RLC Couple?


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As an active entertaining couple to watch my choice would be past tenants Carla and Mario. The were fun to watch and funny at times because of their character. They had their personal issues which caused them to be booted from RLC but you never knew when, where or how they would have sex. They both performed very well in front of the cams with good cum shots.The best was when Mario sprayed his cum over Carla's face and eyes. Carla was caught off guard by this and her facial expressions showed her disapproval. Mario couldn't stop laughing and me neither. That was fucking priceless.

They are probably not together now but if they were it would be great to give them another chance. If they have indeed broken up it still would be nice to see both of them back with their new respective partners. How about it RLC? I am sure that Carla and Mario brought in the subscribers and viewers.

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Like a few other "I agree that Nelly and Bogdan are my favorite couple" there's nothing fake about them, nothing scripted, always real, good for RLC when it comes to voyeurism.  They always have good friends who also give the viewers a good look and they have great parties.  Bringing in another couple "Not"  Nelly cheating on Bogdan "Not"  Bogdan cheating on Nelly "Not" drug use!!!! hopefully NO!!

Lina and Tibor, are also a good couple to view and seems to be real "even though they took their furniture out of the living room"..lol

Lana and Robert are also great to view and seems to be real.8)


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