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Em, Nyusha

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House party, everyone drunk seeming to have a good time except for Rockhead.

I am of the opinion that this guy is a grade A asshole, Anastasia could do so much better than him. I am also of the opinion that all his friends think he's an asshole as well!

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The Good,the Bad & the Ugly.
I will come back to the good in a while.
The Bad & The Ugly.
The Bad is Rockhead and his treatment of Anastasia.
It's ok for him to show off his gorgeous girlfriend for his mates,it's ok for her to give him lap dances in front of his friends.
But heaven forbid if she should start having any sort of fun with any of those friends or step outside the law according to Rock.
Now I don't speak the language so I don't know how it kicks off, or why, I can only speculate.
I don't know if Anastasia has an issue with alcohol or if she can not handle her drink or what? But I am sick of seeing him looking to control her at every opportunity.
I am also irritated by him belittling her & humiliating her in front of their flatmates & friends.
I have seen him almost drag her into the bedroom, like a naughty school kid being summoned to the Head Teacher's office to be read the riot act.
He has man-handled her into the bathroom & into the toilet where there is no camera.
Rock seems to want to pick an argument with anyone should the mood take him.
At another gathering at their place last night (sunday) he kicked off again. Eventually Anastasia had had enough. She got dressed and left the apartment at 530am their time.
I thought, 'good for her,kick the asshole into touch'. He carried on ranting to the other friends who were there for quite a while.
I think one of the girls, Nyusha was trying to phone Anastasia without any success. It was a real shame when I looked in earlier to see that Anastasia had returned to the apartment.
The Ugly. This relationship is toxic and I hope that the situation doesn't spiral out of control. But I wonder how much of this shit Anastasia can tolerate?
The Good. A couple at the gathering last night were really into each other,they didn't care how steamy things were getting whilst they were on the couch, even though the rest of the friends were in the kitchen listening to (putting up with) Rock's sermon. (A few pics in the Gallery) The girl is good looking, tall about 5'9", fantastic body & great legs! Eventually they ended up in Adam & Jack's room where a full session happened,she was having real trouble trying to keep quiet. Fabulous stuff, I hope we see her again!

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  • StnCld316 changed the title to Anastasia & Rock, Nyusha, Adam, Jack

This apartment, which started out with such promise, has now turned into a soap opera. Or should that be a tragedy?
Not so much 'Four Weddings & a Funeral', more like three shags and a fight, maybe Harvey Weistein could fund it.....topical....too soon?
Last night saw a gathering of friends for a typical Friday night house party, and it started in the usual way of lots of booze & pickles.
I could see that this was not going to end well. With Rockhead lecturing Anastasia again before the thing had got into full swing. She looked close to tears & almost isolated on the fringes of the group.
The beautiful leggy girl & her man from the other night were there again so all was not lost. They ended up in Adam & Jacks bed again,very nice.
From there on it's hard to understand what the hell happened, Anastasia very upset, laying on the bedroom floor crying,angry voices, scuffles and one guy being physically thrown out.
It looks like Adam & Jack are not speaking.All their friends left this chaotic apartment, and will be considering if they will ever return to this shit show.
Until we can get a translation of who said what to whom, etc, throughout the timeline of events, then we can only speculate and I'm not going there, it was too chaotic.
I dare say it was probably a case of the demon drink talking and everything will be ok once the hangover's have gone, but I doubt it.
I think the Managers of this apartment are Anna & Alex? And for the good of VHtv they need to get their backsides over there pronto!
Not only to fix the camera's that are out of whack all over the apartment,especially the bedroom. But to read the riot act, and better still kick Rockheads sorry arse out of this project.
He is bullying Anastasia on what seems like an hourly basis,this vivacious, fun loving dancing pretty girl is shrinking before our eyes, she is at risk of serious psychological damage if this continues.
She needs to wake up and realise that this guy is not the love of her life, but a complete and utter asshole.
She either has to throw him out, or leave for her own good. She could go over to Misty's, they know each other, or maybe Lisa's because that apartment needs all the help it can get.
But whatever happens it can not carry on like this.

We all complain when apartments are boring, (see rlc ) but this is not fun to watch, 'quite disturbing actually', which could be this movies title.


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  • StnCld316 changed the title to Anastasia & Rock, Nyusha

Another party at Anastasia's place & Rock behaved like a human being ! Anastasia & Rock seem to be in a good place at the moment, let's hope it continues.

But the main story was Nyusha & her guy, & Misty & her latest bloke ended up in Nyusha's bedroom where things started getting steamy. It looked to be building into either a same room session, or a bit of swapping. Although Nyusha seemed reluctant to get naked, & her guy seemed a bit drunk & needed some encouragement. However Misty's guy was helping himself to a random feel of Nyusha at every opportunity, he really wanted to go there with her.

Eventually it all turned to rat shit with Misty leaving the room suddenly. I think that her guy was showing way too much interest in Nyusha and he couldn't get it up, despite Misty squirming all over him, and she didn't like it too much.

She sat in the LR looking upset & hurt, and had a girl to girl chat with Anastasia in the bathroom and seemed to cheer up a bit. Although the were all trying to pretend that everything was ok,there was an awkward tension between Misty, her guy & Nyusha. Misty's guy might be getting his marching orders soon, or at the very least a serious row from Misty, and he deserves it.

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For the past few nights we have seen allsorts of shenanigans at A,R & N's place.
Monday, Nyusha involved in a threesome with the blonde guy & a dark haired guy.
Tuesday, Anastasia & Rock entertained Misty. Misty & Nyusha had a long chat with Nyusha in tears, she took herself to bed.
Meanwhile A & R & Misty partied.Anastasia & Misty ended up in he bedroom getting very heated with each other, great stuff,until Rock entered the room.
He stood there watching,smoking continuously giving the odd comment here & there & videoing it on his phone. What he should've done was leave them to it.
Nope he gets involved,two horny women licking his dick & all over each other but he couldn't get hard, & it all fizzled out.
Tonight we have another party underway with A,R,N,Misty & a nice looking new girl with long straight hair down to her bum. She is the odd one out & feel sorry for her.
Anastasia is dancing around in her pants & long socks,Rock is in his pants,Misty & Nyusha are naked apart from long socks.
The new girl has took an age to lose her shirt,she is still wearing her jeans & a bra.
I feel that she is a little overwhelmed by A & R displays of affection, and the girls lewd dancing & snogging each other in various combinations.
However out of her suitcase in Nyusha's room she showed the group one of those 'Lovense' toys that all the Chaturbate girls are fond of.
The group seem to be trying to put her at ease but she is still a bit shy & uncomfortable when the girls start snogging each other.
I hope this all goes somewhere,we will have to wait & see.
But I feel that it will go the same way as last night as there are far too many trips to the toilet to powder their noses.

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