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The Chat Room!! #1


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Why is it so hard to get into the chat room?

1. Is it because there are some who thinks they own the site and chat room?

2. Is it because some have there own rules that they want you to go by or else?

3. Is it because some don't want you saying nothing negative about one or two of girls "that they my be in love with and they have in they mind they might just meet one day?" and they some how took them time to fine out their hole back ground "and they think they know them personally even what they think and do and what kind of family they came from?

4. Is it because some are groups that if your not apart of they just won't talk to you?

5. is it because you have to lose your thoughts and opinion when you sign in "Ha Ha Ha"...that's funny.

When I first join this site "being a retired vet and love to talk to people anyway" I couldn't wait to sign on and talk to other members daily, talk about the apartments, the people, weather it was men or women, members would tell a few jokes and have fun. Now signing in is like taking a bar exam, your your dammed if you say the wrong thing "what is the wrong thing? You might lose a good friend, most of the time you don't even know who to trust, after going threw the questions 1 threw 5.  Its to many chiefs in the chat room now and not enough real members.

What is the purpose of having a chat room if you can't express yourself?8) 



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Hey RUBBERMAN, tell us how you really feel - LOL. You said it pretty much in a nutshell and I totally agree with you. Every time I think about jumping into the chatbox to give it another chance I quickly back away when I figure that I would just step into some verbal diarrhea - eewwww. It amazes me how much shit gets tossed around even by some chatters that I thought were better than this.

Honestly, I think these chatters should stick to porn because it is more real life than what RLC has become. Also these chatters want or should I say demand that the females (Barca or KKKKK or Vacation Station or whatever fake apartment) perform sex acts. These chatters have spent at least 1 and 1/2 years being RLC voyeurs and basically controlling the RLCF chatbox and what have they got from it? They are not voyeurs spending time just watching and enjoying the scenery but instead they are stalkers giving the play-by-play of the girls' every moves, anticipated next moves and info about their personal lives. The chatters talk about every little miniscule detail, suspicions or an Instagram (is that like a telegram? FFS - lol) message by the girl to them personally or to a friend of a friend's friend. 

For me, the chatbox is as boring as RLC. I might catch something good the odd time on RLC but I don't care if I miss anything (ESPECIALLY an under the cover masturbation whereby a chatter swears he seen the blanket move - WHOOP THE FUCKIN' DOO). 

Who the fuck, in their right mind, will want to participate in the chatbox when you know where it leads to - lots of talk for nothing. The old chatbox was so much fun, interesting chatters and topics and had way more members logged in to participate than what we have now.

Some if not most chatters should take a pause for the cause or at least take a step back from participating in the chatbox and instead take a few days by following the chat to see how predictable and fucked up the chatbox has become.

For me, with respect to all these voyeur sites and even porn - a pretty girl lights up my eyes. Watching her do whatever is a privilege, treat and a total joy. That's it, that's all. Don't care about her personal life or if she is a porn star or whatever - she still gets my respect because she is a person. The key word in all this - VOYEUR. The chatbox is beyond voyeurism. 

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I was reading the chat room around the after noon and same of them was talking about having the girls vk Account and other accounts that they have of the past girls that was in old b1 and b2 and my Question is why would have there accounts any ways is that Borderline stalking? ....  if you can't  Figure out why they have there account block may be it's because they  don't want to be stalk or creep out....there  I Spoke my mind

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