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Mira and Kai finally getting some piece and quiet in the apartment, now that Kustie and Luci are somewhere "at B2 disturbing others with her out of controlling smoking and no care attitude in the apartment"  Mira and Kai are a good couple I just wished that RLC would have placed them with another couple and not these two.  Good luck Mira and Kai with the rest of your stay there.8)

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Seems since they arrival Mira and Kai has sex almost daily,  more then I can say about some of the other apartments.  I have always like this couple even when they was visiting Nelly and Bogdan I thought they should have had their own place.  They "Mira and Kai" have made there mark with the viewers and me.  I have notice that Kai have started to lose some weight from some of the pictures that I have seen lately,  hope fully he is not stressing or getting sick.  Thanks Mira and Kai.8)

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Considering they have to put up with Kust and Luci"s weekly company,  Mira and Kai seems to be dong well,  I am sure they have probably had more privacy on the back of a loaded bus then they have in past few weeks of being in the apartment.  Hopefully RLC well give them credit for putting up with the crap that they room mates have put on them for staying there,  and one day give them a place of there own.  Hopefully Kustie>:D and his lady >:DLuci well leave soon, and stop praying on the girls in B1 and B2.8)

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