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Lexy & Pete, Lisa & Grant

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I never thought that the first post on the Em & Sid page would be about a foursome swapping orgy, but it is!
I shall come onto the events of the early hours of Sunday morning later, but really it should have happened the day before.
Friday/Sat, Em & Sia went out leaving Sid to play on his computer game in his BR, like every other teenage boy does,meanwhile the other guy is in the LR watching TV and getting bored.
Em & Sia returned home, drunk & silly, they even brought back a bottle of Sid's favourite beer.
Sid pretended that he was asleep, and these drunk girls had woke him up?
The girls were having way too much fun, dancing around the place, jumping on the two guys, play fighting, mock lesbo stuff etc.The other guy didn't know where to look.
It should have happened then, the girls were well up for it. But thanks to Sid the petulant teenager,nothing happened.
It took lot's of drinking, games of twister etc before things finally got moving early Sunday morning.
It was obvious to me that Em really wanted the other guy,and she decided to raise the stakes.

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Sia then gets involved.

Still the guys are not getting the hint. When they leave the LR Em launches herself at Sia ...in the worst place for the camera's in the entire apartment!
But I suppose when the mood takes you etc?

The look on the guys faces when they returned was priceless. Yes boys this has kicked off,now get in the game or f**k off!
Sid went for Em, Sia got the other guy.Pretty steamy stuff,especially when Sid brought in the mini dildo and the other guy has got most of his hand inside Sia.

Everything was going well until Sid tried to do anal on Em,no lube etc,she didn't like that idea at all.


Fair play to Sid,and I'm not a fan, but he screwed the hell out of Em & Sia.I didn't think he had it in him judging by previous performances.

But what Em did want was the other guy, and she got him.He shot his load on Em's stomach as Sid came on Sia's ass cheek.

Sia went to the bathroom,Sid went for a smoke. Em & the guy carried on.

The events were drawing to a close. Sia went to the guest room to sleep. Sid went to his bed.
Em went and talked to Sid, she then went to the guest room where Sia was sleeping and joined the other guy again for another screwing.
They were obviously making too much noise,or having too much fun for Sid's liking.
The petulant teen had returned, when he got up to slam the guest room door shut. It didn't wake Sia & it didn't stop Em and her guy.

There were tears the next day from Sid,Em consoling him.
This is what happens when you let a guy who knows what buttons to press and has a bigger dick than you screw your woman.
He had better learn and quick,or he will lose her.


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Talk about the day after the Lord Mayor's show?
It wasn't so much 'back to reality with a bump', it was more of a crash landing!
Em, Sid & other guy, now known as Bob, had a awful night last night.
Major rows happened between Em & Sid, Bob & Sid which saw a lot of screaming & shouting,slamming of doors,Sid & Bob squared up to each other a couple of times!
They seemed to take it in turns to dramatically leave the apartment only to return.
Sid did not help an already upset Em by shoving her, punching walls & knee-ing the hall cabinets, or locking himself in the toilet to absolve himself of having to deal with this situation like an adult.
By this point Em was hysterical, & I don't mean funny. I mean Hysterical! She curled up in a ball in the dark outside the bathroom door, or anywhere else that there was a cam blind spot & sobbed deeply.
I have no idea what kicked this all off,too much booze,tired & emotional,sexual jealousy,regret,remorse,or Em has fallen in love with Bob or vice versa? Not a clue & I'm not going to speculate.
But it was truly horrible to watch Em in so much distress.Sid needs to grow up or f*** off, he didn't have any problems when he was banging Sia.The question is,are Em & Sid really suited to be a participants of VHtv?
This is what happens when you play grown-ups games,and if you are not prepared for the possible complications, or you don't like the result, then stick to computer games.

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The good news is that after an horrible past few days a truce has been called & peace has broken out.
There was even a make-up session for Em & Sid earlier.
But who is this Bob geezer and what is he still doing there?

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VHtv posted this on their Twitter;
'Em will be absent until Saturday.'
Along with this pic.

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Hmmmmm, interesting?

Em got ready & said goodbye to Sid who was on his bed, he didn't get up, barely acknowledged her,grunted and showed no emotion.
She left the apartment about 5 minutes after Bob. A coincidence? Cynical, moi? No.....:rolleyes:

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Sia is visiting again, what could possibly go wrong? :rolleyes:

I like Em, she has a waif like beauty for me,great body and an ass to die for, but man has this apartment got dull really quickly. They need another couple to share this place, someone with a bit of a spark. Sia would be great, but I am worried that Em & Sid won't last long unless they raise their game considerably.

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Em & Sia went out last night leaving Sid all on his own,awwww.
This evening Nyusha & Ronny visited,getting out of the way of Anastasia's planned evening.
They sat around with Sid whilst Em & Sia slept off last night.
Ny & Ronny went to the guest room to have a session & sleep.
Sid slept in the LR on his own,awwww.

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Em has returned but seems unwell.

Sid has not had any chance to get anywhere near her sexually since her return.

Don't know if this is because of Em, or that he is in the middle of a very taxing level of his game?


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'The time has come', the Walrus said, 'To talk of many things....' Lewis Carrol.

This 'relationship' of Em & Sid has to come to an end.
The situation is beyond a joke now & I believe that Sid needs psychological help.
Every couple have their up's & down's, and times when you fall out, you might not want to speak or interact with your partner. But normal couples resolve their issues and move on.
It's called being an adult.
Sid, a young man in his early twenties, should not behave like a petulant teenager.
By this age he should have learnt coping strategies that do not consist of him merely ignoring his issues by disengaging with Em & others via his phone or computer games.
Or for that matter,locking himself in the toilet.

He does not interact with Em beyond a random grunt when Em pushes him to answer. The same as a stroppy teenager would when with his mother asks him to tidy his room, or whatever.
He does not share a bed with Em or show any love,passion or care towards her. Rarely do they have sex, this is not normal for any adult, let alone a twenty something.
There have been reports that he has threatened suicide. This is classic attention seeking behaviour. He uses this threat so that Em feels trapped.
She feels weighed down by this 'guilt trip',if he should do anything to harm himself, it will be Em's fault,and she will have to cope with the consequences.
I like Em, always have,I think she is a sweetheart and it would be a shame to lose her.
But the time has come to end this farce,for Em's sake, and so that Sid can get some therapy.


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I wondered why Em was upset earlier, & now I know.

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When Em was upset she was comforted by Stig of the Dump, as Sid, caring and attentive as ever, slept.

It looked like Em had to explain to Stig that he would have to find somewhere else to stay now.

After Sid woke up, he made no comment,just stared blankly into the distance as Em sobbed.

Lexy & Pete took over the place almost immediately, bringing Stew & Dan with them.
Sexy Lexy took no time in clearing up & making it her place.

Alex & Anna have taken a managerial decision here in moving Lexy & Pete into this failing apartment.
And Em knows that the writing is on the wall.
I don't know where Em,Sid & Stig went to but I think they will only return to collect their belongings.
It could be an interesting weekend at this place.


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