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RLC Is Not Pornography.


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On 2/3/2019 at 9:48 PM, Pleasant said:

I like that line - "This is not pornography and you will not be acting".


According to the official dictionary definition, pornography is - "Printed or visual material containing the explicit description or display of sexual organs or activity, intended to stimulate sexual excitement".



Exactly. If it's not classified as "pornography" what is it then! ::)

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With the latest recruits Olivia and Nick we seem to be approaching peak skank

Bondage and DP may be their daily life, but I somehow doubt it

RLC must be losing shedloads of subs cause theirs been more sexual activity inall rooms  the last 24 hours than last couple of months

Given the prolonged Nelly & Bogden absence, Im guessing shell be back with a pair of Kitty/Masha immovable seaside buckets on her chest, pity


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18 hours ago, Johnny said:

Question for @StnCld316, @dougiestyle4u or anyone else Canadian. Would this have been possible? Know some countries have strict rules about it. Just wondering. 

    I did see this add posted on the internet probably about 4 years ago but never seen any Montreal apartments set up as a voyeur cam site such as RLC. I have been to Montreal many times over the last 12 years and will eventually move there. Montreal is quite liberal when it comes to sex. 

   As far as living in a free expenses paid apartment I think it will have to be considered an employee/employer relationship whereby the tenant would have to claim all the taxable benefits so the government receives the income tax revenue. Even certain "gifts" are taxable. Sure "under the table" deals happen all the time but if caught the penalties/fines and possible jail time are serious. The responsibilities and liabilities for both landlords and tenants must be taken serious as the government has strict rules/guidelines. After saying this, in terms of providing a free apartment to a willing tenant is possible or tenants allowing voyeur cams in their own house/apartment.

   Now, with respect to allowing cams in the apartment that broadcast over the internet - not sure about federal regulations that might not allow this but I am sure there are loopholes to get around this. Cam sites broadcast via the internet everywhere in the world now anyways. Could be privacy issues but if tenants sign agreements then it should be okay. No images of kids would be allowed. Notices of voyeur cams would have to be posted before entering the apartment but privacy regulations definitely have to be followed. As an adult porn site showing nudity and sex I don't believe it would be a problem unless the federal government requires specific licenses and high fees (similar to that required of adult bars and strip clubs).

     So if a homeowner or apartment tenant wishes to sign a contract to have their life observed by others via voyeur cams - really don't know why this hasn't happened yet in Canada (especially in Montreal, Quebec). There has been some 24/7 reality shows done but I don't believe any sex took place. What I've read is that the internet is not controlled by the CRTC (Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission) and people/ businesses are free to do what they wish as long as no criminal activity happens. They are okay with cam sites and 24/7 reality voyeur cams.

  Could come down to porn activity, any Canadian rights needed beforehand even if the company is foreign owned or just too many steps/obstacles/legalities and/or money required to get the ball rolling. Perhaps the RLC owners have a criminal record or bad reputation.

   Of note, Canada does have an abundance of beauties of all ages and nationalities so I would look forward to any Canadian apartments being opened up.

              As far as a specific answer as to what might prohibit RLC or any other voyeur cam site from setting up in Canada - sorry, don't know but there must be a valid reason but to me for a profitable money making company it should be doable.

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