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6 hours ago, Scorpio 22 said:

Asya is sexy and loves a good fucking. Fingers up to the A-holes giving her stick because she's not doing what they want her too.

mister rogers middle finger GIF

Just ignore the childish comments. Some expect every female to be like the desperate girls they watch day after day.

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I agree Asya is more like the girl next door two blocks over, but I think the jury is still out.  Since I don't understand what they are saying, you don't need to understand the language to realize that something between the two is wrong.  It's not like an everyday thing and it could be just her jitters about being on cam and not what she expected.  She has had her share of crying and pushing, hitting and shoving him, which signals either he's done something wrong or its falling apart.  I find myself feeling sorry for her and not for him, even though she's the aggressor, his demeanor is horrible and unfit.  Early on if you watched them enough, they had trouble with "sex" and either what he wants or expected compared to what she's agreed to do and how far.  Whatever it is, I hope they get past it as I really like watching them.  She's got a really nice girl smile, but a zero to hyperspace temper (I like that) so overall they shoud be good to watch.

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I still say that I like her with the super friendly face and seems as if she'd be someone you could just walk up to and talk to.  Unfortunately, something is off with the two of them.  They just appear to be very awkward at this or lack of committment.  IDK but its sometimes very painful to watch them have sex.  Either he's not sure what he's doing or she's just not into it.  Time will tell.

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Giving head to a woman should not only excite her but blow her mind.  I'm stunned that there is not one fella across RLC that knows what they are doing.  Obviously, they've been watching wayyyyy too much porn to think and imagine that licking, nibbling and sucking is all it takes.  Wow millenials the internet has ruined you.  Now I understand why you don't fit in the world.

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