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Fan Page Erika

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Is this thing ON??????   OK, after taking a second look at this one, I now know how I feel.  Feels like I'm in a NYC $5 peep show, in the booth with the one-way glass, but the girl is just sitting there starring at me.  Then she says $5 dollars don't go a long time, when are you going whip it out and get me horny. So much for the being the show!!! "look of surprise on my face"

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Looks like Erika is all alone at the B1 apartment after last nights scripted chocolate show.  Now while Pam and Diva who still haven't gotten any kind real recognition from the viewers and two other tricks from the GP "Loraine, Olya and Ariela are at the Vacation apartment helping Amalia transform the Vacation apartment into a Drunk house and Red light district for the viewers.  Surly Pam well help make this site a hard core Porn site for RLC and its staff.   I am wondering why Erika didn't go along with Pam and her tricks tonight, unless she has to house sit.8)

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The other girls seem to have given up trying to include Erika in the 'games' - except for karaoke which she adores.  

Trouble is, they are all grown up and so have other things on their minds - mostly, how to get their pussies wet and earn a crust.

Other girls in the past have stayed the course and done nothing.   Even made a second or more visits once they have understood the bonus scheme.

My guess, Erika will hang around like a pet until her tour is up.



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Now that Pam and two of her followers "Amaila and Damira" are back, Erika must ware her ear plugs again...lol...because of the sounds of grunts and dirty vibrators next door.  I don't think that Erika came to RLC to down grade her self, but just be a show girl and get by like some before her and a few in the B2 apartment.  I guess its safe to leave knowing you didn't contract any type of sexual disease then worrying whether you picked up one later on down the road.8)

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Does she know this is a porn site ?  I do believe that being on RLC is a downgrade on her self.  Most would think it was.  I bet she ain't running home to tell mom and dad she took a shower in front of the camera that a bunch of horny old men subscribe to, nor is she telling them I saw three girls use brator's on each other.  Nope, she probably thinks this is good money to take a time out from one the the bate/chat channels. 

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