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Touchy Subject But Enquiring Minds Want to Know

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  With the recent Black Lives Matter movement and the nice addition of pics of black girls in the Public Nudity forum topic I would like to know the politically correct or acceptable term used to refer to black people and other people of color. To begin with, I respect and appreciate everybody since we all are the same - "people or human beings" no matter the history or country of origin. As a horny pervert who loves women I look at all women of color, age (except minors) and shapes from all cultures and countries.  

  Now, my problem is that I really don't like referring to people in terms of a color - white, black, half white half black, yellow, red, brown, light brown or whatever. I am white (half Finlander and half Ukrainian) but I rarely ever refer to myself as white or Caucasian. In terms of black people, it was common to refer to them as Negroes or African Americans which is not acceptable now or applicable to black people with a different countries of origin other than Africa. Even Native Indians is problematic since now they want to be called Indigenous and before that it was Aboriginal.

  Yes, I am easily confused but also frustrated because I want to refer to specific people correctly (and not be labelled as a racist) but with the constant changing of reference names and the sensitivity by others - how can all this be easily rectified? I am no better than others and feel bad for those countries living in poverty and still living in sub-standard conditions or not in this modern technological world because of dictatorships that prevent the country from improving (rich people get richer while poor people stay poor).

  I know everyone will have different opinions about how to refer to others of different colors but hopefully some clear respectful names can be highlighted and properly used. Using the country of origin or birth country might be reasonable but some want to emphasize their heritage. I am born in Canada, a white man but being half Finn and half Ukrainian - so what am I? I say that I am Canadian (with no mention of color) but also mention that I am half Finn and half Ukrainian if anyone asks. SIMPLE.

  I am just wondering if others are just as confused and frustrated when trying to refer to others of color or culture in the correct way so as not to be judged or called a racist or being ignorant to others. We have Africans, East Indians, Native Indians, Asians, Chinese, Latinos, Italians, Russians, Americans, African Americans, Mexicans, Canadians, Europeans, Nigerians, Sudanese, Haitians, Hawaiians and so on.

Your thoughts would be appreciated and keep in mind - be respectful of others since this is a touchy sensitive subject for discussion.


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Okay, one week passed by and not one comment but 49 views. Obviously this is a very sensitive issue to talk about and I understand the complexities or uneasiness when talking about racism, discrimination and the ongoing problem of being judged in what or how you say things. I know most Discussed.cc fans want to talk about women, sex or other perverted stuff which is fine. I also know that only a few members actually post comments or even rarely access this site on a daily basis. 

So basically, to me, racism can be grouped into the same category as religion and politics. Don't talk about them because it leads to arguments since most people will have different opinions. Whatever happened in the past or currently was and is part of "our" history. Anybody know the meaning of "history"? Said to say, with respect to racism and politics, our history is being removed or deleted. Eventually any reference to religion will be deleted from "our" history. I am surprised that Germany has not been pressured to change it's name with all the fallout over the years.

 One thing that I do know for sure and have being saying for so long "the continuous problem with this gifted world will always have a common denominator - PEOPLE".

I get along with everyone and "respect all good people" and will continue to do so. 

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

So, back to doing what I do best - admire, respect and enjoy women the way I want. I am fascinated by the female body, their mannerisms and really enjoy seeing them talking, laughing, dancing and having fun with others. All shapes, sizes and nationalities are appreciated. Naked women will always be the best view for me. On a side note - it always amazes me seeing guys with big/huge/monster size cocks - lol.

    Note - since no one made comments - I will not reply to any who might add comments later. If anyone does, others can continue with this subject of discussion since I said my peace and love.

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Not trying to be a dick or anything like that, but maybe nobody here cares about how to refer to people of other races. 

More likely is that nobody knows any more than you do, dougiestyle4u, but they aren't willing to publicly admit it.  I'm in that category.  I sometimes think I know, but then things change and I no longer do.  If I don't keep up with the current vernacular trends, I'm opening myself to ridicule, shunning, and even attacks for my ignorance.  Egos run high on such topics.

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Well if you had asked me 55 years ago if I would be apprehensive about speaking my mind in public about any topic, not just racism (which I used to speak of all the time), but gender, LGBT or any topic now considered "woke" (whatever that is) I'd would have to say no.  I never believed there would come a time where a "minority" of the population, in the United States, would control speech as it is today.  Think about it, you can't have the "agree to disagree" middle ground any longer for fear of losing your job, protesters outside you home, your personal information being spattered all over the net and even more so, have a chat like this on social sites without the looming "banishment" from a liberal eye on the web.  Its sad, dangerous and leading this country into a tunnel that will be difficult to recover, that's when this experiment ends.  I grew up in Alabama, son of a large religious community of black share croppers and back then it was about freedom to be human, that message has been turned into a dagger of hate.  A sad state of hypocrisy is looming and we are in its bullseye!  I should not yell fire in a theatre, but I should be able to disagree with any of this vile, hysterical and hateful mass of people pretending to be for freedom.  This is not freedom as we once knew it and that dream MLK had a long time ago, is quickly turning into a national nightmare.  If only he could see us today!!!

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