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xcamfan.com versus camcaps.net


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xc has less participants than cc but probably proportionate to the number of members online or total membership..

xc usual or main topics are RLC, Barca and World Outside while cc usual or main topics are RLC, Barca, Leora & Malia and US Politics.

xc and cc have both slowed down compared to months or even a few years ago.

xc main places to chat or discuss or post stuff is the chat room and the forum pages while at cc the only or main place is the forum pages.

xc has no moderators while cc has three mods.

xc has some in the chat room controlling or arguing about what is said or with members while cc has their regular know-it-alls (quite a few) who appear to go out of their way and argue or disagree with what other members say (pretty much have to watch yourself or they will chew your head off).

xc members tend to post multiple images at a time in the forum topics while cc members mostly post one or two pics (but infrequently sometimes 6 to 20 pics) at a time in the forum topics but they also repeat post these images when discussing stuff.

xc appears milder or easy going compared to the guard dogs that cc has.

xc is slow and easy to follow while cc is fast and confusing to keep pace with the discussions.

xc members discuss or post images of VHTV while CC does the same (but both sites don't heavily cover VHTV). CC maybe more but because they have more members and perhaps many subscribers to VHTV. I expected a lot more coverage on CC than what there is. Some VHTV apartments go days or weeks without any posts - surprising.

xc stays away from politics mostly but at cc they have a topic whereby it is heavily discussed but brutal to read and follow. Discussing politics (basically US politics) is never good but it keeps members participating daily with their constant arguing back and forth. Actually sickening to read so I skip by it or laugh and shake my head at it.

xc members are not overly diehard protective of tenants but cc members get mad if you put down their angels. Gotta watch what you say or you will be taken to task.

xc is probably 99% of the time English while at cc some members post using different languages and an internet translating site is needed.

xc can go a few hours each day with no forum or chat room usage while at cc late at night you might go 20 or 30 minutes between postings for a while.

xc provides very little good updated info about the happenings at RLC or with tenants while cc is quick to get the latest news or happenings (whether any of it is true or false).

xc has World Outside topics that are heavily used but cc has similar topics but doesn't appear to be excessively used considering the larger amount of members.

xc and cc are separate sites but have quite a lot in common including StnCld316 as Forum Admin at both places.

xc is smaller in terms of the size of membership, number of participants at one time and the amount of coverage of a wide range of topics compared to cc which is much bigger.

xc and cc has dual members (signed up on both sites).

xc has no known regular translators but quite surprising that cc lacks individual translators that might know some of the RLC and VHTV tenant's language spoken. Cc has many members from almost everywhere around the world but lack translators (a few might know Italian or German  but it seems no one knows Russian, Czech, Polish, Ukrainian or Spanish or whatever else). 

with both sites you have the good, the bad and the ugly.

at both xc and cc you can be your own moderator by using the "ignore" button to block yourself from seeing anything that disrespectful members post but they keep posting away and get off scot free and continue their shit.

This is my initial observations after a week observing cc and comparing it with xcamfan which has been my comfort zone for over 5 and 1/2 years.

    Feel free to add your opinions as to the differences between xcamfan and camcaps. 


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After mentioning all the differences between the two sites - what would I recommend? If you are shy and have anxiety around people then try xcamfan. If you are a brave soul and you like a challenge and like to get mentally and emotionally beat up then try camcaps. Seriously though, based on my observations as stated above I would recommend that you sign up (don't need to pay unless you like it and want more) to both where you can pick and choose what you like and hopefully together they will give you more info and stuff to see and perhaps participate. In my view, they somewhat compliment each other in terms of one site having more than the other or certain topics covered better than the other. Just brush aside the rude members on both sites (fuck the "ignore" button since you would be doing the mod's job similar to you doing self-checkout while doing a cashier's job).

I will use both sites to add to my RLC/VHTV experience and enjoyment, IF there is any to get - lol. Reasons why I signed up with cc? Xcamfan has slowed right down to the point of being frustrated, looking for more pics of certain tenants, wanting to see what cc has to offer and to basically improve and increase my repertoire of voyeurism.

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15 hours ago, Shadow V said:

I am a member of both but yeah CamCaps is way more strange and out-there haha. 

That is one way of describing them lol. Obsessed much. 🤣

@Shadow V how would you feel if you were a tenant, and reading about what certain members say, speculate about and do to find out about your life away from cameras? 

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WOW!!! - I thought our chat room was bad but CC is 100 times worse. I expected better from CC - WRONG!!!The arguing, the name calling, the bullying of members and the constant trivial spewing of adoration, puppy love, mushy talk, I'm in love comments of certain tenants is quite the turn off. The addition of the topic for politics and the constant daily speculation has totally ruined CC from what I remember seeing before. Why do they even have mods (I guess a power trip)? No wonder why few members participate on either site (CC and xcamfan). Years ago the amount of speculation or possible storylines were minimal. The DMCA takedown and the stop to posting any RLC images has definitely hurt both these sites and I guess the increase in speculation has taken over the type of comments/chatting. NOT FOR ME. I look at the women if they offer up my kind of voyeur tease (especially the well built women) and that's it. If RLC, VHTV and their respective tenants are brutal I will express my displeasure.

As for CC, enter at your own risk. If you want to comment in the forums and add your two cents worth be prepared to be worthless and dumbfounded. Don't see many mature grownups - mainly arrogant immature adolescents and others that are political strategists (WTF!!!). 

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  • 2 weeks later...

Well, now the xcamfan forum activity page is almost unusable due to excessive postings by an individual. If we post something it soon gets pushed further down the line. Won't say more because I don't control how this site behaves. If we post stuff in other topics they might not get noticed for days or weeks or ever. Both camcaps and xcamfan are hard reads for various reasons.

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16 hours ago, dougiestyle4u said:

Well, now the xcamfan forum activity page is almost unusable due to excessive postings by an individual. If we post something it soon gets pushed further down the line. Won't say more because I don't control how this site behaves. If we post stuff in other topics they might not get noticed for days or weeks or ever. Both camcaps and xcamfan are hard reads for various reasons.

Giving everyone a heads up. Well, since I find that both sites are hard to read/follow with so much scrolling or searches or that I happened to see something good days or weeks later it has frustrated me to no end. I imagine other members feel the same way. There is very little or infrequent participation by members on both sites. I have made numerous suggestions here on xcamfan to try and get more members to participate but zero attempts by xcamfan to find out why most don't get involved but instead just look. Believe me, I have tried to help xcamfan with ideas and I do my share of posting comments, pics and gifs. The daily activity page now involves continuous scrolling to see any new posts for the day because of a certain individual that xcamfan doesn't bother correcting. 

To the life of me, why the fuck register and sign in to this site if you have no intention of participating. I registered so that I can participate with the members in the Chat Room and make comments in the forums. Non-participating members piss me off. The chat room is in another world now and can stay that way. The camcaps forums used for chatting is so fucked up and it can stay that way. Basically both sites are so mixed up and so "all over the fucking place" to the point that they are too time consuming to search through all the crap.. 

After saying all this, I will try and do something different. I am not going away but will do it "My Way" as sung by Frank Sinatra - lol. I will set something up here for my benefit and for others to perhaps find it easier to follow and just maybe other regular members might do the same thing. Once I start it I will explain a lot more. Perhaps, and hopefully, some "new" members might feel more comfortable to make some small comments.

As for members doing any regular posting - just the few of us do it. As for members actually doing the "like" acknowledgment - basically the same members that like and appreciate comments, funnies, pics, etc. Any new members that do happen to get involved are short lived (soon gone). 

It will be all about being user friendly. I am a thinker and often think outside the box. So, watch for it - coming to a theatre near you - lol.

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camcaps has a forum topic strictly for those that want to talk stupid about politics. Well, the chat room discussions were 5 hours of non stop yapping about only stupid politics. Shitty politics now takes over for shitty RLC in the Chat Room. WOW!!! Is anybody going to realize that both camcaps and xcamfan needs a complete overhaul - both piss poor reads now. Oh wait, nah, everything is the fault of RLC so we will let these sites be a free for all until RLC comes back with all new tenants only too happy to show 24/7 nudity and non-porn style sex. Oh yeah, all these new tenants will provide all their personal social media sites and provide all their private personal bank accounts, sex partners and family relatives so any members can get to really know them. LMFAO. Now wonder new members avoid participating and older members occasionally look in - geeesshhhh!!!

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