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This girl is known as Foxy,can't think why?
Today she proved that she has more than one string to her bow. She can play.

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There is no doubt that she looks good in a G string, or butt naked.
But it was good to see some nice fingering & her handling some wood.

Practice is a necessary evil for all musicians & can be a pain sometimes.
You know how to play the instrument or the piece,but for some reason your fingers don't want to work or your technique is wrong.
Frustration can creep in,especially if you are highly strung.

It's easy to get strung-out with it all,but you have to resist the urge to smash up your instrument,you will regret it.
And as I have said in a previous post about Nina (& Kira), you pray & ask St.Cecilia why she has deserted you.

But you have to regain your composer  composure and try again.

At the end of her practice Foxy sat on the end of the bed, faced the camera & addressed us lot in English.
I thought it was quite sweet, and my opinion of her has changed for the positive.

Hi there!

" By the way dear friends her name is Elda(?sp) yes she has name, and I love it so much."

"She is my best friend. Some day she never go away,she will be every time with me."

"Every time.She is really happy about it. Ok, I back to my life."

PS Yes,it is perfectly normal for Musicians give their instruments names.


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Saw the "masked" dude at the apt yesterday, talking to "Foxy". Seen him around several times in different apts., often when making a video. But can't say for sure if it's the same dude every time.
And with mask, I don't mean the covid face-mask, but a square cloth you fold into a triangle. Like the robbers in old western movies lol

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