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     This Forum Chat Room is being set up to sidestep the main  xcamfan Chat Room for various reasons that have been talked about in these forums over the past couple of years. It will take time to get members to hopefully begin participating and will be a work in progress. Basically this Forum Chat Room will be a combined mix of how the xcamfan Chat Room is and how camcaps (sister site of xcamfan) uses the forum topics for discussions (camcaps members don't use their provided Chat Room). This is an attempt to provide an open, fun, friendly and respectful site for anyone across the world to jump in and feel free to discuss whatever you please (except politics and religion since they tend to lead into arguments or disrespectful comments). Trying to have this Forum Chat Room similar to how the Chat Room was many years ago. It is your choice to use the xcamfan Chat Room or this Forum Chat Room or both.

      How will this Forum Chat Room be any different and might be more accepting by members here at xcamfan?  Older members loved how the old Chat Room was monitored by mods, members being respected, fun site with lots of laughs and the talk was about RLC and the tenants in general but the members really enjoyed how open it was to freely discuss anything. The current Chat Room is mainly about RLC and the Barca tenants and the chatters get too serious about the tenants every little move or private life away from RLC. Well, sure you can still talk about RLC and the tenants but don't overwhelm this Forum Chat Room with excessive comments since other members will want to talk about a variety of stuff.

      This Forum Chat Room has it's advantages compared to the xcamfan Chat Room. Posting comments here in the forum is quite simple and easy to edit or make corrections. You can type as long a message as you like. Not restricted to just RLC or VHTV. Open for discussions related to camarads, any other voyeur cam sites, Chaturbate or other cam sites,  porn or anything you want. Here in the forum you can add likes or acknowledge a member's comment. Since this is a forum topic all comments will be archived and easily searched by scrolling back through pages here, if needed (the search option would be useful to also use). The big main advantage - currently members cannot block/ignore users of the Chat Room unless they are banned from the site altogether while here in the Forum Chat Room, since it is a forum topic, any member can place another member on their ignore list so none of that person's comments will be seen by that member who wanted  those comments to not appear in the Forum Chat Room. So, as members we can "mod" ourselves by blocking those specific member's comments that you don't want to see.

Here at this Forum Chat Room you can freely talk about what is happening in your country or with you or with your family, any travel plans, any weather issues, any good jokes/gifs/pics/videos. Don't be afraid to laugh, shed some tears, share some good news or what is bothering you plus most of us, if not all, will be here for any support or advice. The age of members here vary from young to old and hopefully have some female members participating. 

The main purpose of this Forum Chat Room is to be all-inclusive about topics to talk about, to not overwhelm this place with only one subject matter, to have a place for everyone to converse with people around the world 24/7 and to try and get more members participating here at xcamfan. Don't hesitate to ask questions and say whatever is on your mind. Whatever your time zone is or if RLC or VHTV or camarads tenants are sleeping or the sites are boring as fuck you can still post comments since someone will more than likely reply if participation trends higher.

Simple Rules - be cordial/friendly, try to welcome others with a Hello or Hi, don't dwell too long on a subject of conversation unless it is fun and informative, be open-minded to other's opinions (even if you totally disagree with them, just let it go - don't argue), be respectful all the time, give compliments when appropriate, say "nice chatting with you" and it would be nice to say "goodbye" when leaving.

Note - all xcamfan rules and restrictions apply here. No posting of RLC or camarads images unless by third parties. Not sure, look at the Read Me topic in the forum here.

Remember - This topic is a Chat Room and treat it as such while using other forum topics where appropriate.

LANGUAGE SPOKEN - Generally, this site is in English but there are translating websites or apps that are available. Usually anything in French, German or Spanish is noticeable and easily translated by some of us members. If you have to, post your comment in your language but prior to your message please mention what language (or country) you are speaking such as Turkish, Chinese, Greek, Portuguese, Ukrainian, Dutch and any other language. This will help us translate your comment and reply back. We encourage everyone everywhere to give this new - Forum Chat Room a try and a chance to succeed.

If you are not a member, it looks like guests are allowed to post comments here but you have to provide an email address (will not be seen by other users here) and check the box "I Am Not a Robot" or perhaps your twitter account. 

Please participate and help us get this Forum Chat Room off the ground and become much more active than the other Chat Room here at xcamfan. 





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