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  2. Linda a very lovely, beautiful young lady. Nice to be wife.
  3. Very easy on the eye and great body. Seeing her playing while watching porn again would be great, Linda if she wanted could be No1 easily.
  4. Enjoy watching Linda no matter what she's doing. Very beautiful and what's not to like about her and her great figure.
  5. Wouldn't swap her for my wife but she is very sexy and has a body to die for and good personality.
  6. She is by far one of the most beautiful girls ever on Rlcam
  7. I am a big fan and love watching her. Not perfect but who is!!
  8. Linda is by far the one of the more genuine and fun ones to watch, nothing fake about her and nice person.
  9. There is really no one part of Linda that makes her so amazing. It's the combination of her body and her personality that make her amazing!! She's honestly the second woman, since I've been on RLC, that I see as total wifey material. She's the complete package that no man should want to let go once he gets her. Who was the first woman I thought fit that category? LOL ...Suzan for Suzan and Hector. I know there may be some that disagree with my opinion. That's cool and feel free to comment. Let's just remember to keep our replies respectful of each other's opinion.
  10. Linda had amazing body and perfect if you love big boobs and not to skinny like some of the others. Great personality and loves to watch porn.
  11. Linda has curves in all the right places.
  12. I don't mind them just not covered in them.
  13. I like them but not to many. She does look hot with them.
  14. We've missed you from Chat. Coming back sometime soon?
  15. Has great ass. Never get bored of fucking her
  16. Not sure how you separate these things. Gorgeous woman. Nice full natural breasts, and ass that Tibor just loves to grab and hold onto. And he loves to cum on top of it.

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