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Found 1 result

  1. Just think of this as another new topic. This is where I will post most, if not all, of my comments, pics and gifs. Everyone will be free to add comments or whatever they like. New members are encouraged to participate here if they want. Anyone from other countries would be welcome even if you speak Italian, German, Lebanese, Chinese, Inuit, Greek or whatever. If you post/comment in your language then please say what the language is so that I can try to Google translate and respond back similarly as best I can. This topic will be all-inclusive meaning general conversations in lieu of the chat room, comments/pics about any and all forum topics and fan pages, Reallifecam (RLC), Voyeur-House.tv (VHTV) or other voyeur sites. Any pics that I post now will appear here but NOT in any fan pages. Since there are not many members participating within this xcamfan site and I have done a lot of posting in the forums I feel by having this one-stop topic others can see immediately what I post instead of searching through all the forum topics/fan pages or they don't ever get seen. For VHTV when I add pics I will include the name of the apartment. The purpose of this topic is to benefit myself for easy posting, enable other members to follow all my posts, for any member to have one common place to see all the pics that I post starting today, perhaps entice and welcome non-participating members to feel a bit more comfortable making small comments here and basically provide a place to talk or comment about anything and everything (wide open). Since this is a forum topic it is open and readily seen by anyone. Using personal messenger (PM) is private. This topic will follow all xcamfan rules related to subject matter and voyeur-house.tv logo on any of their apartment pics. If no one joins in this topic then I will end up talking to myself but xcamfan has been quiet anyways. I will add stuff pretty much every day. As I mentioned in other topics I like BBW (big beautiful women) such as Marla, Candy Red and the girls in the Sophia & Elon of VHTV apartments so their pics will be plenty. I will post a few pics right off the bat so you get to know each of them. Just check in once in a while or daily to follow "my way" of doing things differently.
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