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dougiesway4u - mainly pics of VHTV plus other topics of discussion #2


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Kazantip-house on VHTV

 - this girl looks pretty pissed off and looks uncomfortable being on VHTV. My guess is that she thought that she was going to be in a RLC apartment where she would get paid big money to do nothing, sweet fuck all and keep her clothes on. She must have found out that nudity and sex orgies was a must while being on VHTV. Doubt if she will stay much longer. She looks so bored and perhaps just waiting for Bogdan to pick her up and bring her to an RLC apartment - LMFAO. I think she needs a good load of cum sprayed all over her face to see if it brings out a smile on her.


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Ambar & Dane apartment on VHTV

 - nameless redhead girl with a gorgeous smile. Would you believe that seeing a girl with a huge pretty smile or an adorable laugh/giggle is just as exciting as seeing her naked? Well, to me, women have many ways of pleasing me - my voyeur thrills are varied but the things women do or how they look sure make me pay attention to them and makes me growl like a horn dog

Horn Dog GIFs | Tenor  boobs better feel i now yes GIF


Whistle Wolf GIF - Whistle Wolf Cat Call GIFs




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Rachel & Ross apartment on VHTV

- roommate or guest Christina was/is a pornstar. Christina was involved in the Tata apartment. She offers what I like - gorgeous, huge beautiful smile, big plump ass and a thick hairy pussy. Side views will show how long and thick her bush is.

 - I would definitely bust-a-nut in her bush

When one, usually with little  control, cannot help himself hold back cumming. When a guy  off and then ejaculates, usually in a short period of time, having been highly .
I was so horny, I couldn't help but  , while looking at that .
to ejaculate; mainly into a woman's hole(mouth, anal, vaginal area, even ear)
Originated from  semen out of your (nut) which is where your semen is stored. Thats why they call it .  semen out of your nuts.
  Early pics show her wearing facial cream. I think she would look better with a load of cum cream as a facial. Some pics blurry because Christina moving fast, she is too close to the cam and VHTV video issues.

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