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  • 2 weeks later...
  • A house with seven girls: Mia, Lia, Karol, Diane, Leia, Roxy and Asty has been added to the project.

    There are currently 32 cameras on the website that cover the inside of the house. The house has a swimming pool and a yard. Cameras covering these areas will be added to the website later.

    The house is located on a hill and therefore has a complex floor structure, including intermediate floors. The entrance to the house is on the very top floor. From the entrance you can immediately enter the master bedroom, which is currently being used by Lia and Mia, or go down a few steps and enter the kitchen. Participants can go from floor to floor by stairs or an elevator. To follow the participants of the project more easily we recommend watching the movement indicators in the menu or the map and taking advantage of pop-up previews. The first group of cameras on the website covers shared spaces: the living room and kitchen. You can switch between camera groups using the camera group buttons [1..3] or the hotkeys "ALT+right arrow key" and "ALT+left arrow key". NOV 27
  • Dominica joined the projectNOV 26
  • Ilona and Tim left the projectNOV 26
  • Renata left the projectNOV 26
  • Regina and Sher left the project. The apartment removed from the websiteNOV 26
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December 6, 2017
  • Luci and Kust joined the project as a couple on vacationDEC 05
  • Yana and Ricky left the projectDEC 04
  • Olivia and Nick broke up and left the projectDEC 04
  • Adriana and Daniel will be out of town from 7 December until 11 December
  • Sam will be home on 11 December


  • There were some issues with our re-streaming servers in North America.DEC 05
  • A problem with the electricity in the apartment of Victoria, Neia, Beatrice and Dominica. It might be necessary to shut the apartment down temporarily in order to upgrade the electrical and heating systems.DEC 04
  • There were various kinds of problems (including the RLC Replay playback issues) with the house that was recently added to the website. Unfortunately, they had not been found prior to launch. We apologize for the inconvenience. It may be necessary to shut the house down again temporarily in the near future. Thank you for your understanding.DEC 04



We value your trust and support in times of troubleshooting and reward you with 5 (five) additional days of RLC Replay subscription.

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  • 4 weeks later...
January 1, 2018




On New Year’s eve, there was no electricity in Neia, Nicole and Gina’s apartment.

It was entirely our fault and we apologize for the inconvenience.

As we told you in one of the previous newsletters, fixing these issues requires a serious technical upgrade of the heating and electrical systems in this apartment. These upgrades haven’t been done yet. We will let you know the expected duration of these repairs once we have a specific plan at hand. If they have no effect and the apartment remains unstable, we will have to shutdown this location and provide you with a new one – more comfortable and safe for participants, and offering stability and positive user experience to all our customers.

As far as we know, right after the electricity went off, the participants left the apartment and went to a discothèque, then came back around 5 AM and went to beds. The apartment was online at 6 in the morning.

We just want you to know that we’ve never done anything intentionally to affect the user experience. Please note, however, that we cannot and will never be able to guarantee 100% availability of all cameras and all apartments.

It’s also hardly possible that every viewer will be interested in all participants and their lifestyles. The needs and preferences of different customers are often conflicting and contradicting. This is exactly why we offer diversity on the site so that every customer can find just the right content here.

We sincerely hope that all our viewers who are not satisfied with the content offered on the site will find something that will make them happy in the coming year.

We would also like to thank all the users who support us, appreciate the concept of the project and share our love for it. Your words of support mean a lot to our team members and motivate us to continue our work.

Wishing you and your families health and happiness! Happy New Year!


We released a major update to RLC Replay service — now the depth of recordings can be up to 7 days. The price remains unchanged.

Please note, when you purchase an RLC Replay subscription, you get access to the past 24 hours of footage only, as was previously the case. But the depth will increase day by day while your subscription is active.

We hope you enjoy this adjustment. More useful and interesting features are coming this year.

  • Dasha returned to the project. She is now sharing an apartment with Masha and SashaJAN 01
  • Belle returned to the projectDEC 29
  • Avi joined the projectDEC 29
  • Mira and Kai joined the project as a couple on vacationDEC 16
  • Diane, Asty, Roxy left the projectDEC 29
  • Lana and Robert will come back from vacation on January 14. Their friends are now in the apartment.
  • Nelly and Bogdan will be out of town until January 5. Their visiting friends will probably stay in the apartment.
  • Kamila and Kristy are out of city until January 6.
  • Sam will come back from vacation on January 4.

To keep receiving our newsletters, please add [email protected] and [email protected] to your address book.

If you find email from [email protected] or [email protected] in your spam or junk folder tell your email software that it's not spam by hitting the not spam or not junk button.

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  • 3 months later...

March-April 2018

Content Updates

  • Emily and Samantha, friends of Angie, joined the projectAPR 28
  • Anita joined the projectAPR 16
  • Serena, a sister of the ex-participant Carolina, joined the projectAPR 12
  • Elisa and Fima rejoined the project as a couple on vacationAPR 11
  • New apartment with Jane and Dick addedMAR 29
  • Chloe and Tyler replaced Stesha and MarcoMAR 16
  • Tiana joined the projectMAR 11
  • Amina and Nil joined the project as a couple on vacationMAR 10
  • Blair returned to the projectMAR 04
  • Naomi joined the projectMAR 01
  • Glasha and Sonya left the projectAPR 27
  • Tiana left the projectAPR 12
  • Adriana and Daniel left the projectAPR 01
  • Mira and Kai left the projectMAR 10
  • Stesha and Marco left the projectMAR 05
  • Avi left the projectMAR 04
  • Kamila is coming back from vacation on May 7.
  • Lana and Robert are absent until May 5. Their friends stay in the apartment.
  • Jane and Dick are planning to be out of town from May 4 until May 16. Their visiting friend will probably stay in the apartment.

Great couples left the project during this period. They shared their life with all of us for a long time. We wish them all the best!


  • Two new cameras added in the pool zone of Nica, Rosemary, Blair, Serena and Anita's house


To keep receiving our newsletters, please add and to your address book. If you find these emails in your spam or junk folder, tell your email software that it's not spam by hitting the not spam or not junk button.


From the 6th to the 8th of March we experienced serious problems with the routing between some of our key servers. These problems impacted the site's performance and video streams and affected a significant number of viewers. We offer our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused.
As a result, we added 100 tokens to all of our customers who had an active subscription during those problematic days. The tokens can be converted into five days of Premium Membership once the current subscription runs out, or they can be spent on the RLC Replay.

We also added three days to all RLC Replay subscriptions that were active on the days that the problems occurred. We hope global problems like these will not happen often, and we, in turn, will continue to improve the quality of our services to try and ensure the project's uninterrupted operation.

Thank you for your trust and confidence!

from these newsletters


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  • 4 months later...
September 2018



Recent updates
  • The duplex apartment with Irma, Danaya and Karol has now returned to the project SEP 16
Updates since the last newsletter
  • Anita returned to the project SEP 14
  • Miami and Tony joined the project as a couple on vacation SEP 13
  • Tina joined the project SEP 11
  • Chiara left the project SEP 11
  • Valeria joined the project SEP 07
  • Amina returned to the project SEP 07
  • Ksusha left the project SEP 06
  • Aria left the project SEP 06
  • Miroslava left the project SEP 06
  • Jasmin and Jim left the project SEP 04
  • Shaila joined the project AUG 23
  • Dina joined the project AUG 23
  • Loraine left the project AUG 21
  • Elly left the project AUG 21
  • Kim and Kenny joined the project as a couple on vacation AUG 11
  • Chiara joined the project AUG 11
  • Mila left the project AUG 10
  • Miroslava joined the project JUL 13
  • Megan returned to the project JUL 13
  • Malina left the project JUL 13
  • Adri left the project JUL 13
  • Anastasiia left the project JUL 12
  • Bridget joined the project JUL 11
  • Candy left the project JUL 10
  • Julia and Ivan joined the project JUL 10
  • Ksusha joined the project JUL 08
  • Naomi left the project JUL 08
  • Jasmin and Jim joined the project as a couple on vacation JUL 04
  • Elisa and Fima left the project JUL 02
  • Mary joined the project JUN 25
  • Loraine joined the project JUN 23
  • Elly joined the project JUN 18
  • Darina left the project JUN 18
  • Serena left the project JUN 18
  • Alexa joined the project JUN 10
  • Sofie left the project JUN 10
  • Malina joined the project MAY 22
  • Anastasiia joined the project MAY 22
  • Blair left the project MAY 21
  • Emma and Julio joined the project MAY 19
  • Mila joined the project MAY 17
  • Rosemary left the project MAY 17
  • Candy returned to the project MAY 14
  • Anita left the project MAY 14
  • Aria joined the project MAY 07
  • Monica left the project MAY 07
  • Nica left the project MAY 05
  • Adri joined the project MAY 03
  • Darina joined the project MAY 03


The camera on the balcony of Alexa, Amina, Valeria's apartment has been switched off for the last few months for the safety of the participants. The camera has now been returned to the site. Please excuse the inconvenience. The safety and security of the participants were and continue to be the top priority.

To keep receiving our newsletters, please add [email protected] and [email protected] to your address book. If you find these emails in your spam or junk folder, tell your email software that it is not spam by hitting the not spam or not junk button.

I would say better late than never but that would be absurd. This one really helps! Not so much.

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  • 9 months later...

RLC Announcement

For reasons beyond our control, we had to close some apartments.

Safety and comfort of the project participants have always been and remain our priority. All the participants are fine. The possibility of their participation in the project is not ruled out in the future.

We share your feelings and understand how difficult parting with your favorite participants can be. We apologize for the current situation.

The terms of memberships have been changed:

  • Standard members now have access to all apartments and cameras available on the site (previously only to the "Couples" category)
  • Premium members now have Premium + Replay status, which makes it possible for them to use the RLC Replay service without any restrictions
  • The remaining days of the RLC Replay subscriptions and unused tokens were converted to additional days of the membership

You can see the information about changes made to your account after logging into the site at the top of the main page.

We apologize for such a late notice.

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As i said in my last post about bloody time there is to many apartments still not a fan of having 3 or 4 people to a apartment or the girls apartment because it became fake and the Single Apartment with Maya it wasn't Maya herself because i really liked Maya it was the Single Apartments i didn't like i am basic i like the couple apartments probably because that's how it was when i first started watching i still liked the girls apartment before it became fake like i said.

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I'm sure you have noticed the chat and part of the forum are just based on the fake girls apartments. Just obsession and speculation day after day. Not enough effort been put into couples and personally have ruined a close as you can get voyeur site. Maya was enjoyable but lost her way with dumbass partners.

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  • StnCld316 changed the title to Latest RLC E-Mail

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