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Empty Chatbox.

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1 hour ago, Scotsman84 said:

If the chat is Just Crap and the same shit you have heard a million times better just not to bother. Personally it ain't worth my time or energy.

I check it to see if anything important is happening with respect to the apartments (yeah right - my mistake thinking this) and do sometimes consider rejoining the chatters but better heads prevail and I say - NOT!!!

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Maybe the chatbox is just that, a box for chatting. What are you people looking for from this? Perhaps your expectations are a bit high. It is, quite literally, just a live forum for people to talk, most of the time about what is going on in RLC, but at other times, about other things.

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Chat is a big space to fill 24/7.    No wonder a lot of it is bad tempered or intolerant or pointless.

But sometimes it is funny, and I usually go there first to find out what I have missed in the past few hours.

I say keep going chatters, but try to cut down on the negative comments unless you can actually justify them.

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