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Eva is GORGEOUS....but.....

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As an ex-smoker, I regret that I ever started. I'm not fond of smokers, but as long as they don't interfere with my life, I don't care. Maybe I'm a bit of a hypocrite, since I still can't resist a good hand rolled cigar whenever I'm in Cuba.

As for Eva, she's a doll and I like watching her interact with Sam.


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Does Eva actually smoke smoke, or just vape?  I don't know but I thought there was a difference between the two?  I know Nina and Doe "vape" whatever that entails, but Kira does not, altho I did witness Kira partaking of the hookah when the boy was in town.  I was quite surprised at that.  I guess perhaps because the "vape" only emits water vapor? from what I understand of the concept, that is why Kira does not mind it in the apt.  Since E&S and guests go out to the balcony, then I guess they really do smoke real smokes, and Russian cigarettes have to be brutal as hell.  Also, in my experience, yes, it is like kissing an ashtray, and yes it transfers to the sex organs.  If I'm eating the pussy of a smoker, I can tell she's a smoker.  Doesn't necessarily stop me, but I don't linger there as much as usual LOL.  

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36 minutes ago, dmac64 said:

It's hypocritical to say I don't like smoking at all, BUT.. there is something alluring and very sexy about a woman and how she holds the cigarette and how she puts it to her mouth and takes a drag.. I've been caught staring.

Not being a smoker myself...and I do think that Eva is sexy...I am still trying to figure out what is the big change in her and her male companion "Sam" lately, with their sexual experiments with others....but as I was saying about the smoking thing.."for me its a turn off...not with just her..99% of the B1 and B2 girls smoke like chimneys"..but I am on the other side of my computer screen and they are not in my house, and I well "Never" meet or sleep with any of them anyway.....so they can keep sucking their cigarette's for all I care....surly they know what the effects of them could turn into one day down the road.8)

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