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Krista & Andrew

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Well I called it ! Do I get a prize? Maybe a badge,'The Prophet', 'The Seer', 'Sad Bastard'? 🤣

The cute girl got her reward for all the 'hard' work, in the apartment where we first saw her

This is a large post so I'm splitting it into two parts. (1/2)

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The guests arrive for the party.

And it begins.

Alex gets a refill. Top Tip; NEVER give a true Scottish person Bell's Whiskey ! You will get a stream of abuse on the lines of 'Wutt ! that's fekkin pish,I would nae use that shite fae cookin'!

You may also get slapped, you have been warned!

Meanwhile in the bedroom.


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Part 2/2

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Meanwhile in the loggia.

It's my party and I'll sing if I want to.....

Review of the footage & viewing figures?

K & A toast the end of a great opening night.

The only downside of this evening for me was, I thought it was noticeable that Dominessa's crew had very little time for Alexandra....? 🤔

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