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Fan Page Angelina & Arnold

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Belle "WHO" - My God what a difference maturity, class, sophistication and attitude all wrapped up in a bundle of body, pussy and tits - And she knows how to put it to use.  Damn Girl, I'm signing up JUST to watch you and Arnold out class the nasty skank, druggy felecia's (throwback to FRIDAY) on this channel.  I watched you and Arnold on the 13th starting at 0615 a.m. ending in the weeee hours of the 14th breaking to pee, eat, re-energize and turn your bed sheets into a maze of body movements.  Damn what a freaking sex machine you are.  I did not give you prop's on your last visit, but baby I'll be your bicycle seat any day.  I only wish I were able to understand your language, cause you talked Arnold through every choking, slammings, sucking and pussy play sequence.  Best of all, unlike the skanks player's you drank the whole tank.  Slurp, Slurp for 7-11

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LOL!!!  I just watched these two again on a marathon fuck fest and man that little skinny guys is shooting cum like a camel spitting at a spectator.  This woman is a demon, truly insatiable and he's trying and doing his fucking best to give it to her hard, often, deep and dirty.   Damn, she's drinking his cum like it her hourly supplement.  and then the look on her face when she's licked his stick clean, just blows my mind.

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0 to 100 today.  I don't know what happened, but it was not good.  These two had sex as usual about 6:24 a.m., finished around 6:39 - Love and kisses and by 6:56 they appear to be talking about tooth paste or lotion and that conversation just hit orbit from there.  Then around 7:03 Angelina exits from the shower with emotions front and center and launched into a full blown Kitty Fit.  I mean, I've seen her and her emotions take her up and down, but I did not see this shit coming.  She lunged into the bathroom full of rage and hit him twice, with good force.  He exited pushing her away and like a tiger with a gazelle on the ropes, she sprung into action attacking him (full on attack).  WOW!!!!  NEVER SAW THIS SHIT COMING!!!!!   So Arnold fled the coup and left her whaling in her tears.  I don't know how that went in that direction.  Arnold and Angelina is crying and packing, just like Pitty me Kitty.  Wow.  @7:40 a.m. she reads something on the phone that troubles her and she's obviously upset.  @8:15 she left the apartment.


Arnold returns home @1420 in the afternoon, with a new pair of Nike sneakers and looks like some clothes.  I guess he said, let me spend this bonus money before I have to really hit the fucking road.  Might as well get something good out of it.  He dropped the stuff off in the room and left.  He finally returns @ 23:52 and immediately goes to bed.

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