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Teresa & Sergio

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The artistes formerly known as.....?

I wonder what the idea was for the re-branding? Better money as a new couple on a new deal,or just an excuse to take the piss?

Same old apartment with added shitty gift wrap wall paper & a new kitten.Trying to stay positive,but struggling.

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A bit of a delay of game on this,but here I am,better late than never?
We're into the third night of an ongoing party at Harley & Freddy's,Mel & Serg,Ben & Jerry, Bugs & Daffy whatever the fuck!.
We all know them as Mel & Serg and as far as I'm concerned the name change was a stupid idea.
This thread will mainly cover the first night,then briefly the second. The third night has just started to get going,so we will see what happens.
This has been split into four,yes four parts. 1/4
The first night was interesting from my point of view.It seemed to be a set up to 'bed-in' the new girl known as Caprice. I'd prefer to call CP.
Cash Point.Capric & Roberta on the sofa, & my beloved Krista.

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Serg & Krista plot.

The very cute Janis & Jeremy on the sofa,Krista,Serg & Mel & Caprice on the floor.

Krista takes Caprice to the bedroom.

K is done.

Andrew's here.

Janis touch up.

I could listen to Krista sing anytime,bottomless is a bonus!

Krista and Mel begin the next set-up. Mel tells Serg to get his pants off quick!

Mel starts the change over.

It's Caprices time of the month,she asks Mel if she can borrow some shorts.

As Mel leaves the room Krista gets stuck in!

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Andrew came to play.

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K gets a condom,hang on.....?

Serg directing events.

Serg getting overheated.

Caprice had to stop him from going further. (t-o-t-m)

It all came to an abrupt end,I assume that K had received an internal cut from C's nails?

Mel out for the count,Roberta settling down,J & Faye,yeah her,the tattoo'd one who caused grief the last time she visited.Andrew & Krista say goodbyes.

J had a shower.

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Later,Roberta has a shower.

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Later, my nemesis Ante visited. Let me explain in case you are new here. I hate this cunt! His narcissistic treatment of women is disgusting.

Anyway,he starts on Roberta.

Mel & Serg bring in the sacrificial lamb.

Looks like the time of the month thing has ended,not that it would matter to Ante. Serg lends a hand to Roberta.

J comes to watch.

Ante can't resist pushing his luck,he fails.

Now he knows he's got an audience he goes for it in his usual brutal fashion.

He finished eventually,not so much fucking,more a sort of punishment beating. He pulled off the condom & dropped it on the bedroom floor,that's the sort of twat he is.

Baptism of fire for Caprice. Notice she didn't return for tonight's party?

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The third night.

Janis checks her look.

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Back to the gathering.

Faye already being lewd with random guy 1,random guy 2 looking on longingly.

Also in attendance were Corey & Harry.

The card game started,very tame by usual standards. This is about as close to J random guy is going to get.

Corey & Harry didn't hang around for long. I wonder why?....

Faye takes herself to the bedroom,wants random 1 to arrive. J helps.

J takes random 2 out of the room.

J goes to the bathroom & starts to undress, Faye and random know she's there.

J watches & plays.

'Did you enjoy that?'

J finished off under the covers.

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The next night.

Krista is back for a photo-shoot with Mel Harley.

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Dough boy arrived,and Faye is being miserable & a pain in the ass,no change there.

F being argumentative.

A few porn-ish shots.

K setting the pose,DB enjoying the view.

Trying to keep him at arms length.

Meanwhile K is singing,Serg Freddy is screeching.

DB decides that the other two should join them in the bathroom.

F is sleeping, this lot are having fun in the bath.

F gets up,turns the music down,and is being a madam. Totally killed the mood.

The gang decide to move the party elsewhere.

I don't like Faye,the last time she was here she caused problems. She loves to be the center of attention,and I get the impression she is not liked by some of the crew,Harry & Corey for instance.

She should remember that she is a guest here,she can not rule the roost. And god help her if she pisses off Mel.

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Two parts 1/2

Another interesting night at Mel & Serg's Harley & Freddy's. Krista and Dough boy,Bernard in attendance,plus a couple of random guys.

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A quite chat with H & K and soon enough,K & F went to the bedroom for a session.

They didn't seem to mind that Jeremy (Faye's friend) was sleeping.

K puts a condom on with her mouth. So what? you might be thinking,read on.

A nice session with lots of fun & chat.

Then F did a very sneaky & for me shitty move.

He removed the condom & carried on,not sure that K saw it,hair in the way etc.

Jeremy remained asleep until the very end when K was accidentally hitting him with her leg.

Meanwhile in the lounge the drinking & H's flirting with B goes on.

Two random guys leave and H is being more than obvious.

K joins in. And where is H's left hand?

I'm not sure why B wasn't taking the hint but he wasn't.

What does he need an written invitation?

H tries to make B jealous?

K tries to start B's engine.

K & F have gone to the bathroom for a discussion.

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It's dawned on H that B doesn't want to know.

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B ready to leave K in the background doesn't care & is helping herself to Jeremy.

Drama in the hallway.

Got to feel sorry for H,rejection is never nice. Especially when your friend has fucked your partner so you could fuck another,as per plan.

H is a horrible drunk as we have seen many times before. Of course it is Freddy's fault? Light the fuse & stand well back.

Getting heated.

K has to restrain H.

WTF ???!!!

H has passed out.


Again,no condom!

Ten minutes or so after everyone had washed up. Faye arrived. 🙄

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