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Observation of Rules , and Responsible Posting in Chat.


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It has been drawn to the Moderator's attention sensitive information is being Posted. ie - locations of Tenants Apartments in public forum for every PREDATOR to see.  Posting of such is a Permanent Ban from this site. It endangers the personal safety of Tenants, an intrusion on their privacy and may have very serious consequences if acted upon by any of  the Trolls, Lurkers and Stalkers who are hoping to find such info.  It may cause the Apartment to be Shut down for Tenants Safety. 

PLEASE exercise some responsibility and thought to what Posts may gravitate into , in the wrong hands. 

Thanks Chatters for your attention :) C:-)   texl01 Chat Moderator 

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hi all nicechumley here i agree with you both this is voyuer site not a stalker or predator site,lot of people in this chat room get way to in to this situation,like oh ya i no were they live, they get right down to miles how long it will take to get to one place orther,this totaly no right everyone on here dont who or what these people are or what they would do also rlc doesnt help matters any by giving out some kind of locations where these units are, for instance the new gp place there saying in the hills etc my thought is they shouldnt even being saying that, or some people say i seen so and soso a night club and etc come on people i dont belive 80 percent of the shit talk here is made up,lets just enjoy what you see no sense in blowing things out of line so much shit is made up in chatrooms, we you ask to show proof of this that 90 percent of the time no results thers just to many chatters making things up just to piss ya off and start rumors , espically when they talk about leora like on ya shes leaving to hook up with someone bullshit she is soooo totally in luv with paul it would never happen all tho he a dipshit the way he treats her,only thing i havnt seen yet is her wipng his ass after takind shit,but i guess the women over are used that it wouldnt work over here in usa just saying.... enjoy the site and be kool godamn it ok

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1 hour ago, dave0000 said:

Just a quick question. Some of the tenants on VHTV have Chaterbate accounts. Would sharing their links be a violation? Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask.  

Should not bother anything.  Just keep it in the General Topic Area. Mostly everyone knows the girls on that site do a fair amount of camming for Tokens.

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2 hours ago, dougiestyle4u said:

Observation of Rules , and Responsible Posting in Chat.

   Hahaha, hehehe, giggle giggle. LMFAO, lol. So funny. Rules and responsible posting in chat - what's that? Even the chat moderators gave up. What does that tell you? 

Dam great point,  and I do agree,  "when some can come in and do what they want and say what they want tell's me "nothing is going to change, and they can break the rules that would get a real members banned for life."  I guess when your part of the organization you can do that!!!!8)

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On 8/6/2018 at 2:39 PM, One Eyed Willie said:

Well either some haven't read this or just don't care and do it anyway. Yes some might think they are "best friends" but you don't really know who you are giving out media accounts and directions to where tenants might stay.

Always going to get members asking and exchanging information privately. Just the way it is. 

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