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A lot of the members that have been here longer then others should have known that the prices was going to go up on things.  New cams, new apartments, taking care of these so call  spoiled ass show girls where its 7 to 9 some times in the GP and don't forget the great demand from the Chatters for better service and more parties in the B1 and B2 apartment.  All the undercover so promoters in the Chat have to be paid too.  All those things cost money people,....."but regardless of how much the cost or how high the cost RLC is addictive to some, and they aren't going anywhere....."like they say they are anyway."  Even though it's not a voyeur site anymore let's continue to play the game...."even myself." LOL8)

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On 11/30/2019 at 12:35 PM, Wazzer said:

What "new" apartments? All the undercover promoters in the chat lol. Good one. They are a lot of things, but promoters is not one of them. 

It was just figure of speech for some of the so call off line for days due to renovation to some of the apartment..such as Masha's!!! and for those who think their are promoters!!! and yes they are a lot of things, and I dare not get banned for using or saying them. LOL8)

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