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I'm glad to see Kitty again (though not so Smith).  

Young, beautiful, lively - in fact towards the screaming harpie side of lively - what's not to like?   

Kitty did have a friendly evening with Vanessa last year, during V's lesbian temptation period, and there seemed a spark of mutual temptation though it came to nothing at the time.    So I live in hope.   Actually I had hoped if Kitty came back it would be with a girl flatmate.

Still, with love and marriage goes horse and carriage, except with Smith we have got the horse's arse.

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20 hours ago, misterZol said:

"The couple garnered numerous negative comments during their first stay."... 

shouldn't it then appear in ARCHIVE?

or they were given another nicknames?

If you look in the archive section, their names are there. Click on them and you can read the negative  comments.

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