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Naming the apartments to more easily understand one another


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It has come to my attention that we are struggling with how to name the apartments in shorthand (i.e., B1, B2, R1, R2, V1, V2, etc.). I propose this: Couples are known by the initials of the couples, as they always have. The rest we call R1 and R2,  B1 and B2 is well-known so we I don't know that could ever change, and couples on vacation is called C1 and whatever. Anyone have a better idea?


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B1 & B2 have been accepted , long ago as the 2  Barcelona apartments. I suggest the new B1 still be fondly know as B1. As for the other R's V's C's , adds to confusion and new members have no idea about the Acronym or meaning. It has been taken too far by lazy typists.  ( Shall we call Masha and Sasha MS1 and Maya and Stepan MS 2 )  Get real some of you Fellas . >:(


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I don't give a flying fuck. Call it what you want and complain to RLCF  and your grandma about me. I apologize for your dial-up connection. If you have something to tell me tell me to my face or tell everyone to tell me. Stone me in the street. This is a fucking hobby, not my life.

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6 hours ago, jugghead said:

I’m just saying that if we or someone not me wants to shorthand it for easier typing like what’s already happening, we should be on one collective page. The members should at lest be able to agree on that. Then, as good manners, you explain to others what the abbreviations are. 

It easy to get lost in abbreviations and slanguage of the Chatbox and I absolutely agree with you it needs sorting.

The regulars in the Chatbox always helped out anyone, (newbies etc) if they didn't know what we were talking about such as B1, Doe Eyes,Slug-boy etc.

Please ignore my pathetic attempts at  a joke earlier, as most people know I am not a fan of the Barca's & their ilk.

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