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Open letter to the lady members


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Elle, I think you underestimate what's going on in the chat area. I think people are mostly bored and just try to come up with something to say and everyone else plays off that. If that becomes the norm then perhaps no one else has tried enough to break through it. Hey, I'm the first one to talk shit so I get it, but I think too many people only feel like they are intruding. I get the silent treatment all the time, or do I? I don't really care. The thing is, I don't see anyone flaming anyone else. Or am I wrong?


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sorry hit the wrong button.  I think we male Chatters benefit when we hear from female chatters like Alittle, Susan30, 90noway and Marga.  I am glad to see Elle here on this forum.  I miss the lady from the UK that was a big fan of Nina and Kira, but she explained her reasons for leaving RLC and RLCF at the time.

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To all you ladies out there, many of us agree with what you have said. It is one of the reasons the chat can be pretty sparsely populated because many of us are selective of whom we will chat. Getting drawn into a lot of the discussions is just pointless. And there are plenty of interesting couples out there. And besides, we know men only think with one portion of their anatomy and it is not their brain.

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