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I've never seen any this "self-aware". She can't pass a mirror without checking on herself - do some moves or checking her hair, face or butt. And constantly using the cam on her phone to snap a pic or make a little movie of herself. I'm not saying it's a bad thing, but I'm just amazed on how much time she uses on herself lol

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This thick gym rat has a love that is all her own.  RLC can do better.  First - she can't pull herself from the mirror long enough to let us really enjoy looking at her without her bad dancing; Second - every time she is about to show an intimate part of her body, she covers. for example - stepping out of the shower with hand covering vagina;  Third - as I started out "thick gym rat" you know, girls that get in shape and at some point because everyone is trying to tap that pussy - they get the "I'm a goddess glow" - is why she spends soooo much time in front of the mirror (just wait until that muscle turns to fat, which in these places will be real soon as all they do is eat, sleep and sit around.  Good luck with this one.

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I wonder where she's going tonight. I hope it's a closed party or dress-up with ppl she know.
If not, I think it's was a little too much. This was more like "girl-on-the-corner" outfit. Sexy as hell yea, but I hope she knows what she's doing.

Or maybe I'm just too old and narrow-minded :)

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