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Anna & Alex, Em

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It doesn't seem right to me that this awesome foursome have had no post's yet,bearing in mind their contribution to sheer wanton behaviour!

So here goes,A & A & D are ok. Bree has a nasty cough but remains as cute as f*** !

That is all, as you were.

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We all know that Anna is pregnant and has been resting recently. That changed early morning Sunday when Alex brought back three mates. One of them is a very lucky lad,he got to have a private party with Anna & Alex in the bathroom before they joined the other guys in the living room for a......'blow-bang' I suppose is the right term? The door was blocked with a chair in case Drew, Bree or their female guest interrupted the fun. Later Anna gave the bathroom guy a lovely private BJ in the bedroom, she obviously likes this guy! Later we saw Alex having an i/v transfusion to help him flush out the excesses of the weekend.

Top tip; if it gets to the stage when you need to have your system flushed out Alex, it's time to slow the f**k down!

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Anna let herself down badly in my opinion over the weekend what with the let everyone have what they want session lol.

Lost a lot of respect for her and Alex can't really think that much of her to let it happen and take part.

Then again i suppose if you appear on VHTV you have no respect to lose really lol.

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