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14 hours ago, iloner said:

Sometimes your wishes come true ................   and you still aren't satisfied

yes, they made love 

but under a huge duvet FFS

Let's hope it's a sign of things to come (pardon the pun) for GP in general. It's surprising what a few glasses of wine will do to a person's inhibitions.

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Nica and Amina were being very frisky together after midnight last night, some kissing, some touching all the while laughing

the promise of sex was there, but not yet

Maybe more happened, because I stopped watching, mindful that last time they just went under the covers 

But I'm sure sex will come

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Unfortunately, it became obvious that Nica can't handle her wine. After they got all naked and touchy-feely, they ran out of white wine and switched to red. Never a great idea. Nica got sick, barfed, and that was the end of a promising night.

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