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I see that Angie has some company tonight or this evening, "because of the time difference its sometimes hard to tell" anyway after watching Angie and her company talk and have some drinks in the kitchen and living room, then they would move to the bed room, then back to the bath room, then here and there..."all of this turned into a cat and mouse game with the cams"  I believe RLC was suppose to have sent these cams to an elderly home because they are slow as hell when changing from one room to the other.  I also believe that Angie knows that too,  after watching Angie and her friend move from here to there they decided to leave "I guess they knew that the person on the other side of the cam8) "ME" wasn't going anyway.'  I wonder if this is what most of the viewers are going to have to put up with in the months ahead?  I am still trying to put this puzzle together with Angie's other room mates, "who's who?"....I guess its going to take a few months and a few more of my dollars before these girls decide to except these cams.  "The cams are in good locations, but they are to slow when changing from one to the other."  Maybe if I stick around for a few hours Angie and her friend well come back and spend whats left of her time together...LOL8)

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51 minutes ago, Max 2017 said:

Personally she is the best looking of the 3 and from what I have seen what a set she has too. But just my opinion don't think we will see much from this Apartment but hope you prove me wrong, especially you Angie love to see you masturbating in the open and getting fucked. :)

There hiding from the cams already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!>:(>:(>:D>:(

Then again, I could be wrong, they might be taking a crap at the same time..lol or making store runs..LOL   I am going to try and be patient and see what happens from here on!!!!8)

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44 minutes ago, PeterGrey said:

I mean, this says it all.

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RLC tenants doing what they do best. Shame they don't play with their pussies as much as they do with their phones, maybe a lot more would bother watching. Anyway can hear drink calling my name. Enjoy.


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Good news for the french and I am french. Angie at 15h58 apt time to sing a French song PATRICIA KAAS "mon mec à moi" and in a sublime french language, 2 times 

 Dman it ANGIE you gave me chills.

Too good to see Angie sung in french, I loved seeing this sequence
I was very emotionnal and it's funny I would have liked to help you in the pronounciation of words

And remember ANGIE IS THE BEST

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