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Dasha is cute and love the shape of her butt. Would be nice to see her parading around naked and doing naked yoga exercises with Masha even in front of Sasha. I am sure that Masha wants a piece of Dasha since Masha wants a piece of anybody (male or female). Masha is such a good horny cute girl - mmmm.

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21 hours ago, Alittle said:

Looks like Dasha mooched herself back on RLC. Wonder if she will be wearing those ugly ass shorts she wore in the old Apt and that other site. Maybe Sasha stabbed it to death and threw it out the window. 

These bad boys. LOL

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I guess the question I have is what is the intent of creating a 3 some at M/S/D. Does this mean no more visits by Top Knot?  Will we see M/S/D become an actual 3 some?  Would fill a missing niche I guess in the array of offerings by RLC.  There have been numerious references this past year from other Chatters about the fact that one can find apts with multiple partners on VHTV.  Perhaps this is RLC's answer to that.

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