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On ‎2017‎-‎01‎-‎01 at 5:23 PM, zoneo said:

i love this girl !!!

the queen of reallifecam ......

i love her face , her tits , her pussy , her ass , her asshole !! ;D


(The Video Content is No Longer Accessible)

Ever seen her asshole ????

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  Oh the POWER of the pussy. Even animal lovers want to kill Leora's female dog when she barks and fucks the pillow as Leora tries to masturbate. Leora, your pussy masturbation needs our full attention but THE DAMN DOG is quite the distraction. Leora is a smart women so why does she allow the dog anywhere within 200 feet of that glistening bald pulsating and soon to be very wet pussy. Why Leora, why? Why put the dog through this and what about us? We do have feelings too you know.

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On December 20, 2016 at 2:04 AM, dougiestyle4u said:

    Just a thought - Leora 's masturbation and sex with Paul appear to be well timed out and not at any random horny occasion. Leora seems to frequently check her laptop or phone prior to any hint of "play time". I am starting to wonder if it is in Leora's contract (excluding Paul because Leora is "the BOSS" in this relationship) that RLC provides a constant update of the numbers of paid subscribers currently watching (and maybe free cammers) so she gets maximum hits (and subsequent bonuses) for her performances. She appears pretty shrewd and I don't think she would do anything too sexual without a large paid benefit for her. The nudity and skimpy outfits around the apartment is to satisfy RLC and paid subscribers but also to entice free cammers to subscribe.

     Leora has a huge following and has been with RLC quite a few years. Obviously she is doing something right - unlike many old and new tenants that are boring or come and go quickly. You have to admit - she does a good job for a voyeur in need of a quick fix if all the other apartments are inactive. Hard to say no to Leora when she is providing a show (even the female dog gets worked up or fucked up - whatever - lol).

She is awesome but the fucking dog is now officially a complete distraction...I will watch her alone but no more dog bullshit

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On ‎2017‎-‎01‎-‎04 at 9:51 PM, Revolution said:

And one more bating session (01/04/2017). 

Download via Zippyshare: (The Image & Video Contents are No Longer Accessible)

Enjoy :)

looks to be hot Rev, but that link to 108 zs shows as being an unsafe link. is there not another available anywhere such as mab or other ?  

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